The Koi Food Secrets to Raising Quality Fish

Koi is a Japanese breed of fish. They come in attractive color patterns. Often it seems that a painter has taken leisure time to paint each one of them with delightful colors. Even the white koi is delightful to watch. Koi fish adds glamour to the pond they dwell in. They are prized possessions for the owners. But the mortality rate of koi fishes is high. The owners of koi fish in Sydney often blame the sellers for the deaths, but the fault lies with the owners themselves. Discoloration and premature death may not directly be linked to the koi pond or breed of the fish. If the dietary needs of the fish are not met, then they might die. Premium quality koi food in Sydney is the only way to raise healthy fishes.

When you enter the supermarket to buy koi food, you will be spoilt for choices. There are many brands dealing with such food, but all of them are not good. When you buy a sub-standard koi food in Sydney it is like asking your fish to consume junk food over healthy food. It would be similar to striving for toned body by consuming junk food, which can never happen. But then again how should a novice choose the ideal koi food for the fishes in his/her koi farm in Sydney? Well, that is what will be pondered on in this article.

Bentonite Clay:

The best varieties of koi fish were bred on the mud ponds of Japan. The fish were of large size, their colors were attractive and they remained alive for their full span. Was there some secret recipe used? Well, there was. Clay contains minerals that are useful for the koi's health. When choosing a koi food in Sydney make sure it contains certain percentage of bentonite clay. Bentonite clay contains more than 60 minerals and elements that help in digestion, by metabolizing the toxins. The bentonite clay can be applied straightaway to the water, where it neutralizes the pH level of water. Place some gravel at bottom of the pond, so that the clay settles in these and harbor worms or crustaceans. These again are ideal koi food.

Protein: The thriving temperature for koi is 750F. In such a temperature they should be fed high protein food at least twice a day. Preferably they should be fed thrice to improve their health.


There are many sources over the Internet who will advise you not to keep plants in koi ponds because the fishes destroy the plants. You have to understand the koi fish is an omnivorous creature, which needs high vegetable matter in its diet. The koi diet should contain spirulina algae which enhances its color. Watercress is another favorite plant for koi fishes. Watercress contains calcium, iron, folic acid, Vitamin A and C. Always keep the plants with rocks so that the fish may not be able to pull out the roots.

Seasonal Changes in Food:

The digestive capacity of koi depends on the water temperature. At 750F feeding koi thrice a day is ideal. While when the temperature is at 50-550F feeding the koi thrice a week will be ideal. If the temperature goes below 500F do not feed the koi at all. If the koi is not able to digest the food it will rot in the stomach and may cause death.

Aus Koi Farm offers useful services to raise quality koi fish in Sydney. The website offers guidance on the best selection of koi food in Sydney.
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