The Interesting History of Alpine Skiing

The first suggestions of the existence of skiing can be seen on rock carvings that dated back 4500 to 5000 years. It was believed that skiing was the successor to snowshoeing. It was a Norwegian called Sondre Norheim who invented the ski binding that helped skiers to turn when they were skiing downhill. Alpine or downhill skiing as it is more often called is the art of skiing down hills or mountains that are covered with snow using skis that have fixed heel binding. About seven decades or so ago this form of skiing was restricted to the elite and was generally practiced by small groups of people who went to some of the mountain resorts on the European Alps. It was subsequent to this growth of downhill skiing, that a couple of inns and hotels and lodgings in the Alps started to remain open in the winter.

However, within a matter of another ten years the popularity of Alpine skiing grew, and the number of enthusiasts increased from a handful to many millions. Today, there are thousands of people who make a beeline to the mountains at the first signs of a good snowfall. It is believed that the Norwegians were the fathers of the skiing sport, and the history of Alpine skiing is said to have started from there. At first, it started with cross-country skiing, which was then more of a means to get across snow-covered mountains, faster. However, then gradually downhill skiing began to take shape as a sport and the first alpine skiing race was held at a primeval downhill track in the 1850s in Oslo, Norway.

With the news of this new sport spreading like wild fire, people from different parts of Europe and the US flocked to where skiing contests were being held. Today skiing is one of those extremely popular sports, and has a significant place in the gambling industry, and you will find that there are ever so many betting bookmakers that offer skiing as one of the betting sports in their agenda for sports betting.

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Though the Norwegians have been called the inventors of Alpine skiing, the modern version seems to have been created by the Austrian Hannes Schneider and Sir Arnold Lunn an Englishman. The latter the son of a travel agent who had spent a majority of his younger days in the Alps, had dreams of racing through the mountains. He arranged the first slalom race in 1922 in Muerren, Switzerland. It was later that he, and Schneider got together to arrange a race that eventually became the first alpine Olympic event. In 1976, both sexes competed in the Paralympic Winter Games in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, and in 1984, alpine skiing was included at the Innsbruck Paralympic Winter Games.

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