The industrialised cruelty of greyhound racing 2015

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    stupid. my dog falls like that all the time while playing


  2. Anon Me Anon Me

    OHH GIVE ME A BREAK….humans fall all the time on races….watch the track and field events in the Olympics…mabye we should also ban the Olympics

  3. Antarctic_dude Antarctic_dude

    this is funny

  4. Kiyo Léa Kiyo Léa

    Why were these kinds of people born to do this to animals..

  5. iRyan99x iRyan99x

    Shellam Noah, now my pet dog had cuts all up its legs from racing. From his fall I can see why.

  6. arcadian33333 arcadian33333

    What kind of mother fucking totally dumb people keep on having dogs racing in a round track since they have confirmed that 100% of the accidents happen at turn point ?
    Oh I hope you bury your children … because the apple will fall under the apple tree

  7. Mark Hallissey Mark Hallissey

    can't bate a bit of trouble at the first bend in behind the fav

  8. Jesseca Alba Jesseca Alba

    The sport is not neglecting anything, some owners do not take proper actions to injuries but the dogs are doing what they were meant to do, and they are bred to run. The same injuries can occur when an off-leash dog spots a rabbit, just because they are running in a ring doesnt make it any different.

  9. ClimitoD ClimitoD

    They break there legs and then get left there to die because they cant race anymore, and then the ones that are breed and arent fast enough get kicked out and die and usually they spend 23 hours a day in cages

  10. Cats In Clothes Cats In Clothes

    the world is a sick place and it's full of horrible people. if I was president, then I'd ban dog racing and ban animal cruelty and if someone raced dogs andor abused an animal I'd have them executed.

  11. Howler Howler

    are u fucking serious? these people doesn't care about the dog if it falls they just care ABOUT THE FUCKING MONEY WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THE MONEY IT'S CRUEL TO DOGS AND MAYBE JUST MAYBE A DOG WILL LOSE IT'S LIFE JUST BECAUSE OF YOU PEOPLE BEING CRUEL TO IT AND NOT CARING ABOUT THE POOR THING FALLING AND HURTING ITS SELF!!!!!! sorry guys for letting out my anger and swearing :I

  12. m schram m schram

    These dogs are running at speeds up to 70 kph, if a dog trips it could get injured badly.

  13. Deidara's Sidekick Deidara's Sidekick

    Dogs are just tripping this isn't cruel this is bullshit

  14. Cern Cern

    How do we know these dogs were injured or neglected. All I see are dogs falling down while running. This video shows no signs of the dogs being injured or neglected nor does it show any abuse to the dogs by the owners or trainers. The owners and trainers care for the dogs.


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