The Holiday Season Is Almost Here- Have You Checked The Best Resorts In Bandipur Yet

Come along to India this holiday season, experience bliss and tranquility in one of the best sought after holiday destinations of the world. India has so much to offer, right from the rolling young fold mountains in the north to the dreaded and wild jungles in the south, the beaches on the west to the mangrove forests of the east; India enchants you like never before. Talking of jungles, you may have heard of Bandipur!! If you haven’t been here, let us tell you more about the Best resorts in Bandipur. Please read on, for this may just be the adventure your family and you or your friends need.

Bandipur is down south, in the state of Karnataka and is in the vicinity of the Silicon Valley, Bangalore. It is an excellent place for those who would like to travel and bask in the arms of nature, wildlife and adventurous activities. You may have always dreamt of being in the midst of serene natural beauty, and that is exactly what the Wildlife resorts in Bandipur offer. Travellers and tourists, in groups big and small and from all across the globe come to Bandipur. Karnataka as a state is rich in culture and deep in traditional ways. For a moment to escape from the hustles and bustle of life Bandipur has wildlife sanctuaries and spots that capture the imagination, and makes one forget the perils of city life.

Across Bandipur, one would find a range of Bandipur Jungle Resorts to choose from. They are famous all over the globe, namely for expeditions, treks and wilderness activities. It has always been a favourite spot for those who want to attain moments of peace and immerse themselves in the sounds and sights of nature. Bandipur is large and they say it spreads over five acres of lush greenery. The resorts here have all modern facilities, but if you wish to choose a rustic way of holidaying, it shall be arranged too.

Karnataka proudly boasts of the Best resorts in Bandipur, simply because the people are warm and welcoming, and the wildlife here is rare, not seen anywhere else across the globe. It is said that the main aim of the founder of the wilderness was to conserve nature. It was in the late 1930’s when Maharaja Wodiyar used to roam this area for hunting sprees. He was so impressed with the area, which make him name the sanctuary back then to Venugopal Wildlife park. In 1941, the forest was expanded further and all the way to Nagarhole, which then was christened Bandipur National Park.

There are many Wildlife resorts in Bandipur, some of which perch beautifully on the famous rivers, namely;
1. Kabini
2. Nugu
3. Moyar
The Bandipur Jungle Resorts are surrounded by dense flora and fauna, comprising of evergreen forests, deciduous trees and rolling woodlands covered in thick grass. Teak and rosewood trees are found in abundance here as well. Since the famous Bandipur national Park Resorts lie between Ooty and Mysore, it is thus a famous spot to holiday and enjoy in.

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