The Endless List of Sports and Their Apparel

Anyone who has ever walked into a sports warehouse intending to buy a Ping-Pong ball or a pair of socks has found himself surrounded by a ton of items for goodness-knows-what-sport and for goodness-knows-what-body-part. By then he would have joined the myriad of people who can attest that there are more sports existing today than one could possibly ever imagine. Wife carrying -it’s a sport. Players race while having their wives dangling upside down on their shoulders. Cheese rolling – it’s a sport, too. A ball of cheese is rolled down the hill and people chase after it. Then there’s Ultimate Frisbee. People throw a Frisbee around and get really wild while doing it. And hunting. People shoot at animals and kill them. Okay, maybe the last two were less bizarre than the rest, but ultimate Frisbee fans and hunters need not be distressed. It’s just a fact of life that each sport is bizarre enough to have at least one person going “Huh? I didn’t know that existed!”

Of course with this many sports, there are equally many accessories and apparel that stores offer to aid players who it. Sports shops have a knack for having accessories available for almost every body part you have. A quick trip around the shop will show that the players of each sport have thought of every possible pain or inconvenience a player could experience and found a way to counter it. And enthusiasts of each field flock to the store to complete the set, to purchase the best products in the hopes of improving their game.

One can even go as far as saying that in a sports apparel store, it is possible to dress a person from head to toe without having to step out of the shop. Complete attires of popular sports such as basketball and volleyball are all available inside the sports store. The same is true as well with much less popular sports such as hunting. Being very different from other popular sports, the hunters do not make any physical contact with anyone but themselves. But even with the sport’s unique set-up, there is still a surprising selection of hunting apparel available in the market. They range from the classic bow and arrow, to relatively state-of-the-art ones utilized by the military such as the ghillie suit. The ghillie suit is a suit designed to camouflage the wearer by having a design similar to the foliage in the surroundings. It was invented in Scotland but today militaries all over the world possess it. On the opposite end of the spectrum as well, a sport full of physical contact is Judo. It, too, is a less popular sport but it also has a surprising array of sports apparel. The main article of clothing needed to do judo is a gi, a robe-like garment players wear. Even still, although one only needs the gi on his back to do judo, there are still numerous accessories available such as rash guards and even headgear to protect your ears.

Certainly, the list is endless. Man has just turned too many seemingly strange and dull activities into sports with millions of enthusiasts, professionals and fans. The human race is a race of fun-loving individuals and at the same time, a race of massive consumers. And conveniently, the sports apparel market finds itself on the better side of both these traits.

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