The concept of beauty is universal

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Beauty is a property related to human beings. This can even be considered a feature. Beauty is not only related to humans. Beauty can also be associated with location, certain concepts, certain things, and so on. This attribute or feature called beauty makes others happy about it. Any beautiful thing is the joy of watching others.

The word beauty is originally taken from Greek. According to the Greek interpretation, the meaning of the word is – according to an hour. This is philosophical because it means that every beautiful thing must belong to its era. Therefore, anyone who wants to look too young or older at the actual age cannot be considered beautiful!

Now, the concept of beauty is universal. However, the way people from one geographic location analyze beauty may be different from the beauty seen by someone from a different geographic location. These are the cultural differences of beauty. A beautiful person in American culture may be different from people in African culture. A simple example is the weight of a person. In Western culture, beauty is synonymous with thinness. But in many parts of Africa and Asia, obesity is considered beautiful. This can be understood in the case of the Stone Age people, because a fat person will have a better chance to survive the famine. When hunting is the main source of income for a person, having a truly fat wife is equivalent to riding Lamborghini in today's world!

Even today, in Mauritania, Africa, girls are so obese that they are at risk of becoming sick at an early age. Since very obese girls are the only girls who are easily married there, it is common practice to force girls to the extreme level.

Until a century ago, most societies thought it was beautiful. The concept of thin beauty is a phenomenon that has only recently emerged.

The common saying is that from

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholderfrom

. This sentence completely defines the subjectivity of beauty. As with the weight explained above, people from different cultures tend to look at beauty from a different perspective.

When it comes to religion, they pay more attention to the inner beauty of people. This usually refers to the person's personality rather than his or her appearance.

Beauty also has mathematical attributes. Beautiful things are usually symmetrical and proportional. The Greeks believe that the proportion of the characteristics of any beautiful person must be in accordance with the golden ratio. Modern research proves that the Greeks' views on beauty are correct.

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