The Cholesterol Information That You Need to Know

You are probably bombarded with facts about cholesterol, medications, lifestyles, and foods on a daily basis. Usually, these facts are associated with things you can buy - in other words, commercials. What cholesterol information do you need to know in order to avoid heart disease and live a healthy life? Where can you find this kind of cholesterol information?

What About You?

The necessary cholesterol information can be divided into two areas: information about you and information about everything else. Your doctor will ask you about your important cholesterol information. Know your numbers. Get a cholesterol test and find out how much good and bad cholesterol you have. Your doctor will tell you whether your numbers are too high. Do you smoke? Like so many other medical problems, high cholesterol is made worse by smoking. Maybe the most important question is "Why are you still smoking?"

Your medical history is very important cholesterol information. If your blood pressure is high, you may already be feeling the effects of high cholesterol. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, can increase cholesterol. Your family medical history is just as important.

While you may not know the cholesterol numbers of your ancestors, their medical conditions can give your doctor a good idea of potential problems and whether they can be avoided by lifestyle changes or will require medication. Information about your lifestyle is also important. If your diet is good, your weight is under control and you exercise regularly, you may be doing everything you can.

Everything Else

To control cholesterol, you need to know how it gets inside of you. You may be surprised to know that you make it yourself. Your body needs some cholesterol to function, so your liver manufactures it. You don't need to add any to your diet. Good cholesterol information includes where to find cholesterol in your food. Since cholesterol comes from your liver, a good rule of thumb is if your food had a liver at some point in time, it contains cholesterol.

That goes for dairy products, too. Cholesterol is found in the fat part of the food. Whole milk contains more cholesterol than non-fat milk. In eggs, the cholesterol is in the yolks. If your food has a nutrition label, look at the listing for saturated fat. The best amount is zero grams. You can take that cholesterol information to the bank. Besides meat and dairy products, palm and cocoanut oils contain saturated fats. Here's some good cholesterol information: polyunsaturated fats are not bad for you unless they are hydrogenated. This is done to keep them stable in manufactured foods.

Now you know what you should know. Get the cholesterol information you need to stay healthy.

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