The Best Part About Summer

When the month of July starts to roll around I notice a sort of excitement in the air. Not only is Independence day close but also the season for rodeos. One of the best activities is going to a rodeo with your friends and family. Nothing competes to the cotton candy and the smell of cattle in the air. It’s a chance to enjoy a nice summer night in the presence of fellow friends.

The first and most important part of the rodeo is dressing up for the occasion. It seems as though everyone dresses up like a cowboy. I see people that put on their Resistol Ranch Boots and their cowboy Jeans. Womens Western Boots are very popular at rodeos. It’s as if dressing for the occasion makes you feel as though you were a real cowboy. It’s fun to dress up and feel like you are part of the culture of the rodeo.

There is some sort of unexplainable excitement that goes on while watching some of the dashing events. Some of the more popular events are Bull riding, Bronco Riding and of course mutton busting. Some of the events are kind of boring but for the most part enjoyment can always be found. No matter who you are there will be something that will appeal to you. When you see the Bulls bouncing and twirling around it really gets your blood flowing. Sometimes the bulls will chase a clown or two and possibly even ram their little barrels.

Many of the Rodeos I have been to have had little sideshows that are out of the ordinary. Its little things like these that make it fun to go to. This is why we look forward to them for months. At one rodeo I saw a monkey on the back of a dog and he was rounding up a small heard of sheep. This always got the crowd laughing. I saw a clown once who hopped on a dirt bike and pretended like he didn’t know how to drive. At first we thought he was serious but when he rode a wheelie across the arena we knew he was no amateur. He ended up jumping the entire length of a full size pickup and a horse trailer in the arena. I even saw a guy train buffalos to jump into the back of his pickup and then on to a horse trailer.

Rodeos are always something we looked forward to. The most important thing to remember is it is a chance to spend some time with family. It is these moments in life that you will look back on and remember. If you’ve never been to a rodeo then make it a priority the next time you get the chance to go.

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