Ten things you should know about Betta Fish

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1. Betta's eyesight is very good, so when they see a person's hand hovering over it to place food, they swim to the top of the tank.

2. Another name for fighting fish is Siamese fighting fish. Its name is pronounced in the same way as we say the Greek letter beta. It is for this reason that some misspelled the name, which is why you see it written as beta. Fish, this is the way the United States. Some people think that the name is related to the Greek alphabet, but in fact it comes from the Thai word "ikan bettah". Betta fish is called pla-kad in Thailand and lives in shallow fresh water.

3. Due to the wonderful colors and other advantages of male fighting fish, they are the most popular ornamental fish. This of course does not mean that you can put them in the water tank instead of taking care of them, they need a lot of care.

Betta fish actually come from Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

5. They grow to about 3 inches and have a relatively short life span of about 2 years, but some have a life span of 4 years. It is well known that some people have lived in the aquarium for more than 6 years.

6. When the male fighting fish is in an aggressive stage, he will pull himself out. During this expansion, he lifted his clamshell and fins to make himself look bigger than him, so it looked even more impressive. This insufflation can be done both by attack and during the courtship phase, when he tries to impress possible mating partners.

7. Some Asian countries use them for similar battles with cocks in cockfighting. The betta fish used in this way is shorter than the fins we usually see in the aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, the wings of wild fish are very short, and breeders have developed bettas with longer, colorful fins.

8. Betta seems to constantly make interesting bubbles on the top of the aquarium; this is just the way he builds his nest. The male fighting fish makes a bubble nest in the wild, so that when the female happens, he uses his fins to make a tribal dance flash to properly impress her. When she is properly impressed, she will produce Eggs, after which he will fertilize the eggs. Then, as a perfect father, he will put the eggs in his mouth and gently put them into the bubble nest. That's it; the episode is about their short encounters.

9. The eggs are safely placed in the bubble nest within 2 days after the eggs are placed. The men look after them together. If any fry fall from the nest, he will pick them up and put them back. Therefore, pay attention to the eggs before and after hatching. It's a male beta, after which he may or may not choose to devour some of his young people, so it's the perfect DAD!

10. If the woman does not turn her tail and leave there as soon as possible, the male, like the female black widow spider will open her male partner, and the male fighting fish will open the female.

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