Technical application in stuttering therapy

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One of the most popular and mature anti-pasta equipment is the delayed hearing feedback device. This looks like a hearing aid, worn in the ear. It plays back what the speaker said at the same time, and can stop stuttering very effectively when used in combination with treatment. A popular example of such a device is SpeechEasy.

Another type of device that can help you stop stuttering is a computerized feedback device. This type of device works by collecting information about the voice of the stutterer using a microphone. The intensity, voice quality and breathing pattern are measured and the results are displayed on a computer screen. The therapist can then determine the area in which work is needed. Currently, no peer-reviewed studies have shown how effective these devices are.

White noise masking is another technique that helps stop stuttering. Its effectiveness has been well documented, but in recent years it has become less popular as delayed auditory feedback has become widespread.

There are also some devices that provide frequency change feedback. This works by changing the tone that the user hears his voice. The pitch of a quarter, half or full octave can reduce 55-75% stuttering. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to stop stuttering completely.

Although some of the above devices are widely used, there is still considerable disagreement between the scientific community and academia about their true validity. When considering one, it is best to consult a good speech therapist to see what they recommend, if any.

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