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Some people may not realize that yoga is not just a physical exercise, but an entire way of life. Yoga life includes the form that is often used to stretch the body before meditation. Meditation itself is a whole new world and many other things. Part of this lifestyle is that we don't hurt people who don't eat meat or meat. A vegetarian lifestyle can be very fulfilling and beneficial, but we do need to make sure we get all the nutrients we need.

When I first tried vegetarian food, I was tired of roasting vegetables or steamed vegetables, but there are more. Here are some ideas I have never thought of, but they do work.

Tara takes us through her understanding of food and what she knows. But the difference is that she also helps us to develop our own rules. Help us easily enjoy a healthy plant-based diet while ensuring that we still have access to some trees to make it easier to follow these rules. All recipes are vegetarian, made with simple ingredients and kitchen gadgets, although Vitamix will help.

Through this book, we learned how Tara thinks and lives in her life, which is very achievable for ordinary yogis. She shares her habits of yoga and meditation, as well as the background she grew up with and the backgrounds that attracted her to yoga [I always like to hear stories from people starting to practice].

My favorite is that Tara confirmed my theory, you really need to listen to your body. No one knows how you feel. Diet and yoga practice will improve.

For me, a very important part of the book is that she will give you real reasons no matter how painful she is to share her story. Tara is an amazing young woman who has transcended her tribe and provided her knowledge and passion to anyone around the world.

The most important thing for me is that every little bit helps. Do a little meditation in the morning, maybe practice yoga in the evening, sneak into healthy food until it becomes normal.

I would recommend this book to those new to the yoga lifestyle, or to those who want new ideas on how to make delicious, simple vegetarian recipes. Enjoy, please let me know your favorite dishes.

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