Talking Tips – Too Snoring? How to modify unpleasant sounds

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As you say, your voice will have a profound impact on what other people think of you. If you talk through your nose, licking it with your nose will weaken your confidence and make you unwilling to speak at work or in social situations.

So how do you develop a clear voice and prevent shame? Daily vocal practice can have a real impact on how you speak.

Exercise your throat

Stand upright and take a deep breath and say: "I, me, me, me, me, me," until all the air has expired.

Now pinch your nose. Repeat the exercise, but this time you can only exhale through your nose, so no air escapes through the nostrils.

Switch between your nose being caught and not doing so, so you are used to feeling the difference between the two.

Repetitive power

Another useful task is to overstate the vowel and consonant pronunciation. Here are some of the exercises we use in industry dubbing to improve vocal performance. Try combining letter combinations in a one-size form.

For example: ABT EBT IBT OBT UBT.

Only the voice of each letter is emitted. So the letter B will be sent as a hard short "B" instead of a "bee". Through the above work, it is getting faster and faster.

Twins like "Peter Piper chooses pickled peppers" are also useful.

Monitor your progress

Because our brains tend to make us sound better than us, so try recording your vocal exercises so you can keep an eye on [or more accurately, your ears] your movements. Most modern mobile phones, especially smartphones, have built-in recording devices.

Before you start recording, make sure you feel relaxed and that you are in a comfortable environment. Always drink warm water, if you feel that you are training your voice, stop and rest. Small incremental steps are always much better than a huge unsustainable leap.

Gradually, you should find that the quality of your presentation is improving. Your goal is clear delivery and clear resonance.

What are you eating and what you drink?

We often underestimate the impact of food and drink on our vocal model. Lactose and high-fat beverages such as milk, milkshakes, hot chocolate, cappuccino and latte make you feel the sound and sound of your nose. So you can lose weight red meat and stodgy pudding or milky white dessert.

Avoid these, or at least reduce, if you can. Replace with non-carbonated drinks and add more leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Fresh taste can create a miracle for your sound clarity.

However, if you still hear a nasal sound after these exercises, you may have a physiological condition that requires medical attention. If this is the case, it is worth asking the doctor for medical treatment.

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