Tailenders and Affirmations when using EFT clicks

Since the movie "secret" has become a hot topic, you may be more aware of it. It must be a positive statement expressed in the present tense in order to bring about powerful changes in one's life. It can be the change you want to see on the physical level; for example, weight, how you want to live your life; such as diet and exercise, or vacation, financial prosperity; for example, how much you want to earn each year, or how much you want to have Rental properties. Some people are positive about the nature of the spirit, while others have motivations.

Over the years, I have seen that some people will definitely change their lives once they start using them. Like everyone else, I saw that they gave up their dreams, and unfortunately they did not realize. So why do you definitely work for someone other than someone else?

Gary Craig and Donna Eden explain this in the book "Commitment to Energy Psychology." They call them tailenders. They are referring to affirmative statements, and then quickly follow the little voice inside you, denying that it will come true. An example of this is a woman named Susan who insists that “I am happy to weigh 60 kg”. Then her inner voice said: "Don't be too ridiculous. Susan, you will never lose so much weight. After all, your mother is obese, so is your brother and sister. In other words, Susan is in her subconscious. The belief in holding is because of its inheritance, she will always remain obese.

So how do we change our beliefs? Click on "tailender" by using EFT Tapping. A suitable eavesdropping phrase for the above example may be;

"Although I am sure that I am always fat, because the fact is that my mother and my brothers and sisters are very fat, so I always do this, I love and accept myself."

If you are not successful, some of you will definitely explore the possibility of your subconscious beliefs. Say affirmatively, then listen to your inner voice and say anything. This will be your clue. Then click on the old beliefs, take a step back and wait for the results!

Definitely maybe very powerful – just remove the tailender first. Try to combine EFT clicks and affirmations in different areas of your life and see your life getting better.

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