SNV Social Volleyball training Volleyball

SNV Social Volleyball training

SNV Social Volleyball training If you are a beginner to volleyball this is the best place to start, everyone is welcome! Come along and learn how to play volleyball, get a great workout, improve your skills and be put through your paces by our awesome social coaches. at Olympic Park 8 Australia Avenue Sydney, Australia
Learn Some Pointers on Beach Volleyball Volleyball

Learn Some Pointers on Beach Volleyball

Do you wanna learn some of the rules of beach volleyball? Well then continue reading.Beach volleyball is a great sport that is growing more popular each year. There are a lot of differences from indoor to outdoor volleyball. One thing that doesn't change is the height of the net. So for guys it is at 8 feet and for women 7 feet 4 inches.There are no positions in beach volleyball. You can either play one side all game or switch sides with your partner anytime you want. The best thing to do would be to pick one side so that...
Volleyball Fundamentals - The Basics You Need To Know Volleyball

Volleyball Fundamentals – The Basics You Need To Know

At the end of the day, any game is about winning or losing. There truly is not much point if you do not feel the adrenalin rush in winning a game, how much ever inconsequential the game might be or if you do not feel the pang in losing a game. Yes, for most of us playing a sport is not a profession, that we play for fun and we are not in a cut-throat race but unless you care even a little bit about winning or losing then you are in a wrong place doing a wrong thing. Having...
The World Series of Beach Volleyball Volleyball

The World Series of Beach Volleyball

The World Series of Beach Volleyball The World Series of Beach Volleyball will make its highly-anticipated return to Long Beach, California, this July 13-16. Now in its fifth year, World Series of Beach Volleyball will be the largest ever all encompassing beach volleyball event in the United States with competitions featuring Olympic athletes and professional players from around the world, as well as tournaments featuring junior and amateur players. Matches in the main stadium will feature the world’s top beach volleyball players including 3x Olympic gold and 1x bronze medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and Olympic silver and bronze medalist April...
The 6 Positions Of Volleyball Volleyball

The 6 Positions Of Volleyball

Players of the same position are three spots away from their counterparts at the net to ensure that there is always an outside hitter, a middle blocker, and a setter or opposite in the front row. The front row usually consists of taller players that can jump the highest to block and spike. Players such as Italy's Andrea Santoretti are devastating jump servers, able to serve at great speed with tremendous spin. Setters, hitters, blockers are so your players can cover the court. Setters need to have swift and skillful appraisal and tactical accuracy, and must be quick at moving...
The Serve In Volleyball Explained Volleyball

The Serve In Volleyball Explained

In volleyball, the serve is the act of putting the ball in play by a player sounds simple, but actually it describes one of the most important plays in the game of volleyball. The underhand and the overhand serves are described below.Underhand ServeIn executing the underhand service, the server should be back of the end line and within the extensions of the side lines. This is the service area as described in the rules. The server should stand with his knees flexed, and, in the case of a right-handed player, his left foot should be slightly in front of the...
Beach Volleyball- A Fast Growing Sport Volleyball

Beach Volleyball- A Fast Growing Sport

In the recent times, many new games are cropping up. People have started playing games other than the conventional games like football, cricket and baseball. Beach Volleyball is one such sport. It is a team sport. Two teams with two players each battle it out on a sand court which has a net in between. The increasing popularity of the sport resulted in the sport being added to the Olympics in 1996. This was a huge boost and more people have started playing the game since then.What are the various rules that are followed in the game and where can...
3 Drills to Help You Practice Volleyball by Yourself Volleyball

3 Drills to Help You Practice Volleyball by Yourself

I may sound a little bit crazy, but I absolutely love practicing my volleyball skills and developing new ones. Nothing makes me happier than being with my teammates, on the court, and practicing my jumps, blocking, serving, spiking, passing, bumping, and even conditioning. This is where I get pumped up and jazzed about playing. It's at these practice times where my team bonds together and we push each other beyond our limits. It's also where we can see where your own skills may be lacking on one area or another. I used to think about these areas and think that...
Outstanding Volleyball Spiking Volleyball

Outstanding Volleyball Spiking

When volleyball was first invented it wasn't exactly the same as the volleyball we know today. In fact it was not even called volleyball, it was first known as Mintonette . Invented in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts by William G. Morgan a physical education instructor at the time. It was a much less rougher although just as physically demanding alternative to basketball which had just been invented only ten miles down the road in Springfield, Massachsettess. After you learn the basics of volleyball it is time to learn the most effective move in the sport, this technique is known as...
5 Types of Jumps That Will Enable You to Get Your Highest Vertical Leap in Volleyball Volleyball

5 Types of Jumps That Will Enable You to Get Your Highest Vertical Leap in Volleyball

Almost all of you won't be pleased to hear that you simply cannot just do that one thing to accomplish. It's not possible to jump higher than someone else on the planet, as an example. Put simply, not everyone has the talent to leap up to height beyond belief. You will find a number of exercises, though, that can allow you to do the best vertical jump possible inside your volleyball game so that you can improve your spikes and block every shot.Look at this as the first of these exercises: jump off the floor by leaping from the ankles;...