Mechanics of Striking Billiards Billiards

Mechanics of Striking Billiards

It happens all the time, beginners step up to the table with the stick in hand and they try to muscle a shot like they are stabbing a wild boar. There is no reason to be so barbaric about pool or billiards; these games require subtlety and finesse.When gripping the pool stick rather than squeezing it as tight as possible try to relax your arm. When the muscles of the arm are contracted it only limits movement and constrains the swing.By relaxing the grip you are actually going to be able to get a more precise shot. More than not,...
How to Beat the Winter Blues by Learning to Become Good at Playing Pool or Pocket Billiards Billiards

How to Beat the Winter Blues by Learning to Become Good at Playing Pool or Pocket Billiards

Why do some folks dislike the winter time with such a hatred? Is it the snow, the cold, the slippery sidewalks, or is it something else they truly hate, and that is getting the winter blues because they always think there's nothing to do. I have always loved the winter time, from when I was a kid to my present age, I don't care much for the cost of the rising heat bill each year, but as far as the beauty of the winter scenery, I think it's wonderful, truly a gift from God. If you do find the winter...
Billiards and Algebra, Hand and Hand Billiards

Billiards and Algebra, Hand and Hand

Einstein used mathematics to explain relativity between light, mass and energy. Now it is doubtful that you will be preforming such equations that Einstein did, but you can learn how to use simple geometry and algebra to better your game in billiards.Billiards is a complicated sport, for the last five hundred years it has been modified and developed to make it more challenging for the players, ever since King Louis the 14th. Back when the king had a janky version of croquet turned into an indoor game things were a lot different.Now the sticks and the balls are all made...
15 Ball Pocket Billiards Billiards

15 Ball Pocket Billiards

Many people who play cue sports, such as billiards or pool, will tell you there is no game more difficult than fifteen ball. This statement is partly subjective but at the same time it's almost completely true.There are quite a few games with a similar dynamic to fifteen ball, for example there is, six ball, nine ball, ten ball. These games are all played with the same set of rules; the only difference is the amount of balls that you play with.Beginners tend to play six ball because of the low level of difficulty; conversely professionals tend to play fifteen...
How To Keep Your Billiards Supplies In Pristine Condition Billiards

How To Keep Your Billiards Supplies In Pristine Condition

There are many things you can do to keep your billiards supplies in pristine condition. Many people neglect to give their equipment the utmost care and maintenance that they need. A complete set of billiards supplies is a huge investment and you will want them to last for a long, long time.When it comes to a pool table, always remember to keep it clean. It is the most expensive part of the set hence you should try to keep it looking new. Avoid bringing food or drinks near the pool table as accidents may happen and nothing would make your...
Shooting Consistently in a Game of Billiards Billiards

Shooting Consistently in a Game of Billiards

When you first learn to play pool you want to make sure that you learn how to play properly. There are a lot of people that have a hard time understanding how to play the game properly because the first time that they learned they were not taught how to play the game properly.First, you have to make sure that you are taking the time that you need to understand how you are going to be wise about the way that you shoot on the pool table. When you are learning to shoot you want to make sure that you...
The Basics Of Billiards - The Eight Ball Game Billiards

The Basics Of Billiards – The Eight Ball Game

One of the most popular games these days, among both businessman and the youngsters is pool or billiards. But, often you will find people confusing this with another variation of the game, snooker. All these games, though they need more or less the same equipment, are played with different rules and often are quite different from each other.The Difference Between Snooker and PoolSo, what's the basic difference between snooker and pool? Well, to make it simple and easy to comprehend, one can say, that, in the case of snooker, the main objective is to score more points than your opponent....
Playing Billiards Cheaply Billiards

Playing Billiards Cheaply

Pocket billiards, as a sport, is not ordinarily seen as a wealthy man's game. For some, the game of the aristocrats might be generally viewed as golf, or even polo. However, like any other sport, pocket billiards can be pricey. The first place people usually (mistakenly) look to cut corners is on the cue itself. This less-than-ideal tactic can be easily overused. There really is a fine line that is easily crossed when choosing between the more premium end of cues, and the bargain end.First, the question must be addressed: do you want a cue that's as cheap as it...
Enjoying And Playing The Game Of Billiards Billiards

Enjoying And Playing The Game Of Billiards

Billiards is one of the most vibrant indoor games. The greenboard with the colorful balls on it looks really attractive. Players also need pool cues to take part in this sport. The multihued balls are also termed as 'pool balls'; the logic being the pocket game in USA is commonly known as 'pool'.The balls come in sparkling hues like blue, crimson, yellow, lilac, orange, green, maroon and few very interesting blend of balls. The combinations of balls include white and blue, white and orange, white and crimson, white and yellow and white and purple. The colorful balls stand out truly...