Supplement to prevent Alzheimer's disease – 2 promising candidates

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If you know anyone with Alzheimer's disease, you will know how devastating this terrible problem is. The tortured people gradually lost everything that made them a reality. Their memories have faded. Their ability to interact with others, even their closest family members, is eroded. In the end, they are completely isolated and unable to take care of themselves.

It's just as bad for people with Alzheimer's disease, and in some ways it's even worse for families. It is terrible to see this slow deterioration happen. Caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease have a very high rate of depression.

If we can prevent this disease, that would be great. We may be making some progress in this direction.

Although we don't have a perfect answer, a recent study published in the Alzheimer's Disease Journal reported some interesting findings. The study suggests that two safe and readily available supplements may help prevent Alzheimer's disease.


I will tell you about this research and these supplements in a moment, but first I want to give you some background knowledge.

We really don't know what causes Alzheimer's disease. About 25% seem to have a genetic component. For the other 75% of the victims, we really don't know what the reason is. It seems to be a combination of susceptibility and environmental factors that may include diet.

Some studies have shown that chronic low-grade inflammation plays an important role.

Regardless of the cause, a prominent feature of Alzheimer's disease is the creation of a polypeptide called amyloid in the brain. As amyloid builds up, it forms plaques, leading to a typical cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.

The body does have some degree of protection from amyloid accumulation. Specialized leukocytes can differentiate into cells called macrophages, which can be removed during formation. The research I mentioned earlier aims to understand whether nutrients can improve the ability of macrophages to clear amyloid.

Previous research has shown from

Vitamin D from

 [especially vitamin D3] and from

Curcumin from

 May have a protective effect on Alzheimer's disease. In a recently reported study, the researchers collected white blood cells from nine patients with Alzheimer's disease and some normal volunteers. They incubated the white blood cells of both groups in the presence of amyloid.

They then added vitamin D and curcumin alone and together to the mixture and observed what was happening.

The result is dramatic. Both supplements increase the ability of macrophages to take up and remove amyloid.

For some patients with white blood cells, one of the other supplements has a greater effect. In other respects, the effects are synergistic – the result of adding vitamin D and curcumin is not just an additive effect for everyone.

The researchers pointed out in a generally conservative manner that this was a preliminary study and did not present any clinical recommendations.

However, we have to wait a long time to make a decision based on solid clinical trials. From my point of view, vitamin D and curcumin [the main ingredient of spice turmeric] are safe enough and have enough other beneficial effects, and I think it is very reasonable to start replenishing them now.

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