Strutology® InStrutter Training Kings Lynn

Strutology® InStrutter Training Kings Lynn
Event on 2017-04-22 10:00:00
Are you a DANCE FITNESS INSTRUCTOR who's sick of being made to feel like you should be super-fit, super-slim, super-toned and super-human? Are you fed up with the Fitness Industry's obsession with weight loss and HIIT training as if this is the only way for our members to feel good about themselves? Do you want to provide classes which are going to allow your attendees to feel confident, sassy and powerful without having to drop a single pound of weight and without having to do a single burpee?! Join me, Zoe McNulty for the body positive STRUTOLOGY® INSTRUTTER TRAINING ...   Here are some common questions you might like to know the answer to...   WHAT IS STRUTOLOGY®? "Strutology®: The art of "strutting one's stuff": to parade, prance, flounce or sashay; to proudly show off one's best features or talents"... It is the SASSIEST dance class in the STRUTosphere!!   WHAT HAPPENS IN A STRUTOLOGY® CLASS? It is a dance class with simple but fabulous moves. A dance routine is taught in trainers initially. Once the routine has been learned, the high heels go on (totally optional but advised), there's some strut practice (the Strut-Off) and then the routine is danced wearing the heels. The music is sassy, upbeat, on trend and motivational.   WHAT BENEFITS WILL SOMEONE GET FROM THE CLASS? It is designed specifically to help women (not exclusively) find and release their inner diva and to really allow themselves to be feminine and show off their best features and assets. There are physiological benefits to the class including increased heart rate, conditioning of the lower body and improved coordination, however the spiritual and emotional benefits are what are most notable about the class. The results are powerful!   WHO IS THE CLASS FOR? Anyone who struggles with their body confidence Anyone who wants to learn how to be sexy Anyone who wants to learn how to carry themselves  Anyone who wants to be feminine Anyone who loves to dance  Anyone who feels they can't dance Anyone who loves to wear high heels Anyone who can't wear high heels Anyone who wants a giggle with their mates   WHAT WILL THE TRAINING COURSE CONSIST OF? It is a one-day course. You will be taught the first 2 choreographies and how to break them down, along with how to strut and how to get your class members to strut. All health and safety issues will be fully addressed.Once you have passed the assessment on the day, which will consist of you teaching the group a section of one of the routines, you will be invited to sign up to the membership area on the website. THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: - Manual - One-Day Course - Marketing pack The Monthly membership gives you: - InStrutter T-shirt/Vest - Access to membership site with new choreo every 3 weeks, plus tutorials on how to improve as an instructor - New music mix every quarter with 4 finale tracks (to match the choreographies) - Access to closed FB InStrutter group for community, support and encouragement, InStrutter/client stories HOW MUCH IS IT? Early Bird is £180 from 8th April - £200 (Plus Eventbrite Booking Fee) Plus Monthly membership fee of £20 WHO IS IT FOR? So, the course is for dance and fitness professionals who want to empower their community to feel fabulous just as they are, in the skin they're in, regardless of shape or size. The pre-requisite for the course is either ETM or extensive dance teaching experience. *** Please note *** Extensive Zumba teaching experience or any other track-by-track dance fitness product WILL NOT prepare you for the contents of this course. Building up choreography, layer by layer, block by block, using add-on technique and a continuous beat is how Strutology® is taught. Exercise To Music is an ideal foundation.   I am aware that there are instructors/dancers who have not done the ETM qualification but have a natural inclination to teach this way and it would be unfair of me to exclude them from the possibility of helping women to feel good about themselves via Strutology®. So for this reason I am lenient with pre-requisites... BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WITHOUT "ETM" THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT YOU MIGHT NOT PASS THE ASSESSMENT ON THE DAY. YOU ARE AGREEING TO DOING THE COURSE AT YOUR OWN RISK OF BEING REFERRED AND POSSIBLY NOT BEING SUCCESSFUL. THEN WHAT HAPPENS? If you are unsuccessful on the day you will have lots of feedback to go away with so you can practice and work on the skills that need working on and you will then film a video of you teaching a small section of the class, you will require a couple of friends to be your 'students' and send it back to me for further assessment. I'll let you know if there is any more work to be done or if you have passed. PR & MARKETING I will be investing time, energy and money into getting PR and press coverage of all things School of Strut® so that the word is spread and you won't have to work so hard to fill your classes.  Times are changing and body positivity and body image are really being welcomed with open arms... HOORAH!!!   So now is the time to get on board. I'm so excited for this and can't wait to get you strutting. Please do email me with questions:

at Fitness Studios
2-3 Old Dairy , Austin Fields
King's Lynn, United Kingdom



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