Startup Now: Discover, Validate, & Launch Your Business

Startup Now: Discover, Validate, & Launch Your Business
Have an idea?
Ready to launch a business?
Want to better understand your customer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the course for you. Startup Now!

Most startups fail because they focus more on how to deliver a product than on the needs of people buying it. This course provides a concentrated overview of the Customer Development Process, Business Model Canvas, and Minimal Viable Product. By understanding customers, startups reduce the risk of failure.

Fee for this class: .00; Student Rate: .00

For more information and Registration please contact Nancy Lowery at 915-321-3121 or email

Saturday, June 17th 9am-2pm
Fee: , Students

at The Hub of Human Innovation
500 West Overland, Suite 230
El Paso, United States

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