Start the Beginner's Guide to Belly Dance Studio

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After several years of experience and experience in the show, you are confident and ready to start the belly dance business. In fact, every day I am thinking about running my own business.

Here are some guidelines to consider before opening a location:

  1. Do you have a golden goose to pay for financial start-ups, miscellaneous expenses, and savings to overcome unexpected emergencies?
  2. Do you have a special student who agrees to register when the gate is opened?
  3. Do you have the knowledge or experience to run a business?
  4. Do you have a business partner who can help?
  5. Can you make a long-term commitment?
  6. Are you able and willing to work long hours, which means giving up some social activities?
  7. Are you a person with a lot of talent and creativity?
  8. Do you have adaptability and flexibility? A popular but true statement we often hear is location, location and location.

Location and community:

a popular one,…

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