"Sound" and its application in speech therapy tools

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The speech is usually produced by coordinating the movement of the voice muscles and then combining the joints of the throat, tongue and lips. Vocal folds are the main two voice muscles [strips of muscle tissue] that are used for the starting point of speech.

When the person starts talking, as the air in the lungs gradually releases, through the softly closed Vocal Folds, the individual breathes and the Vocal Folds vibrates, causing vibrations and producing what we call Vocal's squeaking sound. When these effects occur, all of us will hear Vocal Tone, Buzzing sound. The squeaky sound is transmitted through the throat to the mouth, upper jaw, tongue, chin and lips, and they move in a precise manner to modify the sound, making the voice a text.

Through this knowledge of how to generate speech associated with the Vocal Folds muscle tissue in the throat, we also learned about the Buzzing sound we call Vocal Tone.

The speech therapy tool that uses Vocal Tone as the main principle of its equipment is by far the true speech therapy tool. These devices are primarily used to help people who stutter or stutter get fluent and have achieved positive results in terms of more controllable permanent outcomes than other voice devices. Voice devices that use Vocal Tone to help improve the fluency of stutterers are a little bit unfamiliar to stuttering and stuttering communities, but as positive results gain more and more recognition, they are becoming the main tool in the fight against stuttering in personal struggles. .

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