Social Enterprise in the South West

Social Enterprise in the South West
Event on 2017-04-03 09:30:00
Boosting business and creating community outcomes, are social enterprises a win win for South West economic development?  This one day Forum will explore the ways in which social entrepreneurs can develop, fund and deliver unique projects that create successful businesses, innovative community outcomes and economic development.     Including presentations from South West businesses and existing social enterprises we will also be joined by two International Guest Speakers, Amy Carter-James and Albert Teo. Internationally acclaimed for their work in this space, they will share their experiences whilst we reflect on what could be achieved by businesses of any size across the South West. Amy Carter-James is the Co-Founder of Guludo Beach Lodge, Mozambique ( Amy has been internationally recognised as a leading social entrepreneur finding innovative, grass-root solutions to lift vulnerable children and their families out of poverty. Amy combined her passion for relieving poverty and conservation in the creation of Guludo in 2002. Through the development of a boutique eco-resort and the Nema charitable foundation (, Guludo continues to relieve poverty to over 24,000 people living in rural Mozambique. Guludo has become a leader in responsible tourism and has received a plethora of personal and professional international awards. Albert Teo is the Founder of Borneo Eco Tours  and  Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Malaysia. Both companies, have won numerous international ecotourism awards. In 1996 Albert founded the non-profit organisation Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society. The Society was founded to address community issues and alleviate poverty through capacity building, and to make this world a greener place through sustainable environmental projects. In 2014, BEST Society won the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organization award. Join us as we explore local connections, south west examples, government-private partnerships, community-private enterprises and create an opportunity for local businesses to collaborate in generating ideas.

at Pemberton Sports Club
Club Road
Pemberton, Australia



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