Should I Quit the Gym and Workout at Home?

Are you sick of getting up an hour earlier to drive to the gym? Sick of that monthly debit out of your checking account and spending money to get there? Ever though about finding a way to workout at home?

Probably the toughest part about committing to working out at home is finding a spot in you place for enough workout equipment to get in a good sweat. If you can though, it means more privacy, less time commitment and more cash in your pocket.

Will you actually commit to a home workout program?

No matter where you work out, you'll have ups and downs and times when working out is easier than other times. Sometimes your workout equipment will collect dust and sometime you'll get up and crave a good workout. When you're feeling addicted to it, you'll probably love that you don't have to go anywhere and you can use that treadmill as long as you want. It's still going to be tough to stick with it though, even if your workout equipment is staring right at you everyday.

Workout Goals

It's helpful to make a list of your fitness goals before you decide to try a home gym. If your list is as simple as lose weight, be able to do 100 push ups and sweat everyday, you'll probably be fine. If you goals are to be a great racquetball player, meet fitness friends and use a wide variety of equipment, you may want to stick to the gym. I realize that this sounds obvious, but when you're growing tired of the drive the gym and feeling a money pinch, working out at home will sound great. After asking yourself why you go to the gym, it might not sound that great. If you're the type of girl that meets friends a the gym to bust out a half hour on the treadmill while trading gossip or the type of guy that lifts with a guy buddy and enjoys your man time, you have to acknowledge what the value of going to the gym is for you before making a big change.

Space at Home & Cost

If none of this has scared you away and you'd still like to set up a home gym, you should sit down and really make a plan for where your're going to put it and how much it'll cost to get started. Of course, a garage or spare bedroom would be ideal and if you have that, you're well on your way. If you don't have that space, could you get by with maybe just a treadmill, free weights and maybe a few workout dvds. It doesn't take a lot of space to get into shape. If you've seen any of those prison shows on tv, you'll agree. Simple old school workouts work just fine. It's all about what it will take to get yourself to do the workout.

Before starting any home workout program, check out this Home Gym Fitness Equipment site and learn all about Creating a Home Workout Routine.
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