Setting up a home school room – lighting is very important

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Maybe you don't realize this, but the lighting in the classroom is a key part of learning. Research has found that when fluorescent lights are flashing, it may pose serious challenges for students trying to learn. Over time, the fluorescent light will be uneven over time, and this blink will cause distraction and vision loss, slowing down the learning process. It can cause nausea, lethargy, and even tax the immune system.

Obviously, this is not good for the school, but what if you go to school at home? Have you considered your home lighting, shadows, light? At the 2013 “Light Strategy” seminar and conference, there was an indoor lighting seminar where one of the questions considered the challenges facing our school, not only the cost associated with changing lighting, but also the various types of power needs, but All of this has an impact on the workplace and the classroom.

Look at the deal, if education professionals are so worried about this, if companies and companies realize that they will lose productivity in the absence of light, then sometimes you as a parent of family education will immediately notice. You may think that using these special bulbs or using LED lighting can save you money, but if you don't operate properly, you will cause eye fatigue and drowsiness. Well, your child will not be able to learn at the best, sometimes lose concentration, understand Force and / or retention rate of more than 50%.

The first thing you should realize is that natural daylighting is the best. If you are at home, try using the room with the most natural light during the day. When the sun goes down or on a cloudy or cloudy day, use UV light, not fluorescent light, not LED. No, LED lights are not that bad, but they get enough LED lighting from computers, laptops, tablets and peripherals. Ultraviolet bulbs are closest to natural daylight.

Your child should sit close to the light, not the room through the shaded area, as this can cause eye strain and your child may have some lack of concentration. It is worth asking your child how they like lighting. Will they make people feel confused? Does it annoy them? If so, this is a good reason to reduce the intensity or adjust the proximity of the light source. All of this is important, and the annoying light or lack of light can affect the quality of your family's progress. So please consider all of this and think about it.

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