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welcome. If you want to follow my humble voice, you will be able to quickly fall into a very deep state of paralysis. As we progress, you will repeatedly come back from awkward state, which will make you go deeper in the return.

You can use this method later when listening to other hypnotists or hypnosis yourself. This is a specially designed method that allows quick access to the subconscious vault.

For your body and mind, it is good practice to learn how to release all stress and tension. This can be helpful if you can't sleep. The skills you will learn are a quick and thorough guide to relaxation, deep, healthy breathing, and a truly rejuvenating inner peace experience. Make sure you are comfortable in a place where you are not distracted. If you are sitting in a chair, your feet should be flat on the ground.

Put your arms crossed on your chest. If you are lying down, keep your feet apart. Your arms should be placed comfortably on your sides. Next, find a place in front of you and focus on it. Guide your eyes and explore the smallest details. Look at its texture, color, light and shadow.

Your eyes have acquired a superpower. You can now zoom in and discover more details of its texture, dust, tiny bumps and dents. When your thoughts and vision are completely concentrated in this position, everything in the room around you will gradually disappear or change. Feel its energy. Feel it attracts you.

Almost immediately you will find listening and letting you be guided into your subconscious, and you have begun to relax very deeply. The music that floats in your consciousness, as well as every sound in the room, will allow you to relax further on a comfortable spiral and lead you to the realm of peace.

Put yourself in a comfortable state of paralysis, your eyes are still where you choose. Your vision is getting deeper and deeper into this place. Your eyelids are getting heavier. They become so heavy and exhausted that you can't help but shut them down. Feel your eyes drooping. Feeling heavy and sleepy to see your eyes. Whenever you blink, your eyes will become heavier. Another moment to resist them, because the desire to do so is getting stronger and stronger.

Again, pay attention to the details of the scene. Look at its texture, color, light and shadow. When your eyelids become so heavy, it is now impossible to keep them open and close your eyes. When all the tension is gone, feel your eyes melt together.

Feel this comfortable calmness flowing from your eyes into your shoulders and into your chin. Feel it flow into your eyebrows and stretch them into a smooth, even expression. Feel it flow into your forehead and relax every muscle there. Pay attention to how completely your face is relaxed. No wrinkles remain inside. Your skin, laid on a full-bodied subcutaneous mat, evenly and smoothly stretches over your features. Make your face more relaxed.

Transfer your consciousness to your right arm. All your thoughts are concentrated on your right arm. Now, I feel it is getting heavier and heavier. Whenever you exhale, you feel that your right arm is getting heavier and heavier, feeling that it gets deeper and deeper, and the deer will enter the mat, paying attention to how it gets heavier and heavier. Notice how all the tension leaves your arm as it stretches over its full length, untangling all the knots inside it, releasing all the tension and flushing out all the pain. Your right arm is now completely relaxed and relaxed.

Next, focus on the left arm. Like your right arm, your left arm is getting heavier and heavier. As it gets heavier and heavier, your left arm gets deeper into the mat and stretches more comfortably into its resting space and surroundings. Feel your left arm stretches to its full length, dissolve the lump and knot, and wash away all the pain and tension. Let your left arm sink into the mat until it is so heavy that you can't lift it if you try. I feel that my arms are so completely relaxed now that they are so heavy that you can't lift them. They have stretched to their full length, are too tired, and even consider moving. I am counting to three now. Third, please open your eyes and focus on the position in front of you again. one two Three. Your eyes are open and focused on the spot. Your eyes begin to feel heavier and heavier. Keep an eye on your location. Your eyes become very heavy and you can hardly keep them open.

Pay attention to the scene again. Feel how your arms and legs become heavy and relaxed. They are too heavy to move. Finally, let your eyes close and feel a deep sense of relaxation, even deeper than before, from your eyes to your shoulders, down to your arms, hands, body, legs, knees, Calf, keep going down to the tip of your feet and toes. Your entire body feels very relaxed and comfortable. Focus on your left arm. Feel incredibly heavy. You can try to lift it, but it is so troublesome. Tighten your muscles to lift your arm, but then notice how it is too heavy and stop. After that, just stop trying and let your arms relax more.

Next, focus on your right leg. Feel it stretch, relax and relax. Make your right leg heavy and feel it sinking into the mat, deeper and deeper. It feels great to let your legs relax and sink deep into the mat. It is heavy and relaxed. It has risen too much. No knot, no tension. Everything has melted into a deep, relaxed state of calm. Your legs are too heavy, sinking deeply into the structure underneath it, it can't be lifted.

Your eyes are too relaxed to open. Relax your eyelids more. When I count to three, let the deep relaxation in your eyes flow to your cheeks, chin and neck. one two Three. Your eyes are too heavy to open. Try to lift your upper eyelids and you will find it is easy and comfortable to stick on your lower eyelids, it will not appear at all.

When I count to three again, your eyes will easily open and focus again in front of you. one two Three. Focus on the scene as before. Every detail that focuses on this place is aimed at your eyes. Feeling your eyes become tense and tired, so tired and heavy, you need to close them again. This time makes your jealousy more relaxed. You are floating deep under the water, deep into the depths of your subconscious, and you still relax more and sink into a realm of peace and peace.

Let the sound you hear guide you deep into your mind, where it creates a unique hypnosis. Let this sound reach a part of the heart you have been listening to, and part of your mind has followed every step of my instructions. Let my voice enter your mind and sink into your subconscious along its tone. You feel better and better, relax in such a comfortable area, nothing will bother you. When I count to three, you will open your eyes again and focus on the position in front of you. one two Three. focus. Pay attention to how relaxed your body is. Your mind no longer needs to monitor your body. You are completely in peace.

Again, I feel that your eyelids are drooping and become heavy, and you can hardly open them. They can't even wait for you to tell them to shut down, they are so relaxed and heavy, they just decide to close themselves. Once again sink into your mind and look for the door. For a moment, you can walk through this door into the depths of your life to do, experience or create whatever you want. Your mind is in a deep and peaceful state. You go deep into the subconscious, from where you can create whatever effect you want in your emotional, intellectual and physical environment.

Now let me count to three and then walk into the door. When you walk out of the door, let your mind enter the deepest state of calm, the deepest hypnosis, and the deepest state of paralysis. one two Three. Let your thoughts float easily and let yourself create whatever effect you want. You have reached the most peaceful and productive attitude. Here, you can plant seeds for the people you want to grow and seed the life you want to lead. Here, as long as you think about what you want, you have the ability to get rid of negative thoughts, feelings and habits. You can implant your skills at your own pace and successfully complete the task. I saw the seeds of true confidence in myself.

Listen to the sounds around you. With every sound you hear, you become more relaxed. As you get deeper into hypnosis, the sound fades away. Your arms and legs are too heavy to move. Your entire body is very relaxed, full of comfort, heavy calm, and a peaceful atmosphere. There is no knot in your body. All the tension is washed by the smooth flow of positive, relaxing energy that fills every corner of your system.

Please note that part of your mind is guiding you through different levels of consciousness with complete confidence. If you are ready to come out of your state, this part of yours will instantly guide you to the surface. If you want to stay here longer and implement more changes, it will let you float, drift through your subconscious mind, enabling you to achieve all the changes you can think of.

Keep your body healthy and strong, eliminate pain and tension, shape your body and face, your intelligence and personality, and the smallest details. No matter what you want to do…

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