Seize the Opportunity and Experience Catamaran Sailing in Maldives

For centuries, sailing has provided mankind with the adventure they seek in exploring the vast oceans. In modern times, consequent to the development of technology and faster methods of travel, sailing still dominates the interests of people the world over either as a sport or as a means of leisure.

The Catamaran is a type of boat that consists of two hulls joined by a long structure which is a relatively new introduction to the arena of sailing for both leisure and sport even though there has been evidence of catamaran like structures being used by fisherman in the Indian Ocean many centuries ago. Moreover, this type of sailing has quickly become a favourite thanks to its ability to attain high speeds because of its build which promotes stability. The catamaran is capable of carrying a relatively large number of people in comparison to a similar sized boat as well thereby increasing its attraction to sailors.

In this light, catamaran sailing has become popular in many parts of the world, especially in Maldives. Made up of a double chain of atolls, the Maldivian islands are the remains of coral reefs that existed around prehistoric volcanoes which have long since sunk deep into the sea. The mere mention of Maldives brings to mind turquoise blue seas bordered by warm sandy beaches and spotted palm trees and these Maldivian seas are filled with fun activities designed to thrill you and tickle your sense of adventure.

One such activity is catamaran sailing and it is something that you should opt to do when in the country for it allows you to sail tranquilly over the beautiful cerulean waters of the wide oceans whilst enjoying the gentle sea breeze against their skin thereby giving you a one of a kind sailing experience.

Though only less than one hundred islands especially cater to tourists, these Maldives Villas are designed to offer you the best exotic beach experience you can ever have with a myriad of activities including catamaran sailing, diving, snorkelling, scuba diving and more. A Maldives island resort that is capable of combing all this and more is Kuramathi Island. The resort takes a number of environmental initiatives in order to preserve the beautiful natural wonders of Maldives for years to come and provides visitors with the option of choosing to stay in a beach, water or garden villa. Kuramathi Island is the place to stay if you wish to combine luxury accommodation with world class dining and unforgettable spa treatments.

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