Scuba diving information about Maui, Hawaii

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Many people come to Maui for scuba diving. But when we take them out for diving, many divers expect different types of things. So, clarify what is expected. Here is some information about diving in Maui.

Water temperature:

I remember when I first came to Maui and jumped into the water. It feels warmer than the water I am used to entering California. The water temperature in Maui varies between 74 degrees in winter and 81 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, which is much higher than the temperature of 52-54 degrees that I am used to.

Divers accustomed to the warm waters of the Bahamas or the Caribbean come to Maui and think it is much cooler than they expected. So if you want warm water plan your trip in the summer and summer, about August to October. Most divers wear 3mm short wetsuits, but if you have a cold, wear a 4-5mm wetsuit.

Marine life:

Due to the formation of lava, Maui has a unique diving terrain. The endangered Hawaiian green turtle discovers these…

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