Scuba diving for beginners – equipment explanation

2019-05-21 Sports No comment

You are reading this article, so you, like many others, have an interest in the wonderful world of open water diving.

The world of scuba diving seems too complicated at the beginning. This is usually due to the variety of basic equipment and unnecessary equipment that can make this hobby look so daunting… not to mention that you will end up underwater!

For these reasons, I have written this article to provide you with the equipment knowledge so that you can start these diving courses with confidence.

Ok, let's talk about equipment;

Mask – Scuba diving mask allows your eyes to see underwater clearly. Diving masks can be as low as $20, while built-in communication systems can cost as much as $1,000. As a beginner, cheaper than enough.

Diving Exposure Kit – Prevents cuts and scratches, keeps heat and keeps you comfortable. The diving exposure suit is basically a thick wetsuit to provide cold protection…

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