Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: Understanding the Differences

2019-05-20 Sports No comment

Scuba diving and snorkeling are two activities that have many factors in common. The most important factor is that both activities involve exploring the underwater world. Both activities have other similarities and differences. Other similarities include how to use masks, breathing tubes and ankles. Although they have these similarities, scuba diving and snorkeling have some important differences for them.

Snorkeling basics

People who are interested in snorkeling do not need to perform any special type of training. The main requirements for snorkeling include swimming ability and how to properly use basic equipment including masks, breathing tubes and ankles. In addition, since there is no oxygen tank involved, in order to carry out snorkeling, the snorkeler needs to know how to hold the breath under the water. Knowing how to breathe underwater requires snorkeling only when you immerse your head in the depth of your L or J-shaped tube…

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