Science of Cycling: How to be an elite cyclist

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  1. Bram Moerman Bram Moerman

    He should have repeated the questions from his audience. Rookie presenter mistake.

  2. Bram Moerman Bram Moerman

    Using data from 1999 in a 2014 something is inexcusable.

  3. 20jring1 20jring1

    How to be an elite cyclist: Ride hard, push yourself, never give up. Nothing in cycling depends on genetics, it only matters how much you want it.

  4. Sandy Phelps Sandy Phelps

    Speakers should repeat the questions so viewers can hear them.

  5. Tonio Rosales Tonio Rosales

    What a crock re birth dates.

  6. Tonio Rosales Tonio Rosales

    Francesco Moser set the Hour Record thanks to Dr Michele Ferrari… so it wasn't just new bike innovations or aero position on bike.

  7. Ian Rob Ian Rob

    the doping word is missing, all these figures mentioned in peak dope and EOP times.

  8. I Hate the World I Hate the World

    The orientation of the hip joint and the straightness or twistedness of the tibia and femur would have to have a huge influence on ability to put power to the pedals.

  9. johnhagebeuk8 johnhagebeuk8

    Chris froome 20 may alberto contador 6 dec

  10. Timothy Roper Timothy Roper

    To be truly elite, the one main thing you have to do is, choose your parents wisely.

  11. Steel Teepost Steel Teepost

    Protip: Nobody wins competitive sports being full natty, but you must always maintain the full natty narrative.

  12. Ystadcop Ystadcop

    And while I'm still on this rant, whilst talking about birthdays and age, the prof failed to make the most obvious observation about a HUGE number of top cyclists; the proboscis. Coppi, Kubler (or Koblet), Simpson, etc, were all gifted with very big hooters.
    You could safely select a national team based on this.

    And top coach ever, possessing all the attributes mentioned in the last post? Norman Sheil. World Champion, rode the Tour, amazing scientific mind, he laid the foundation for all the British successes of recent years, not a doubt, years ahead of his time.

  13. Ystadcop Ystadcop

    So, most winners were born in January, er ie Aquarius, devious untrustfusl folk if you subscribe to astrology, or never trust a Dutchman in a bike race, (quote Paul Sherwen) he's probably Aquarian, etc. How about overlaying this chart with figures about what proportion of the population are born in January? Lots more than in July, I'll be bound.
    Seems like a nice, harmless bloke. But oh dear, this industry that has grown up re cycling coaching! Third cats with beards, paper-qualified, "sport scientists," what has that got to do with top class bike racing?
    In order to choose a coach, ask 3 questions.
    1) How many World Championships did you win?
    2)How many Tours de France did you ride?
    3) Can't remember No. 3 but does it matter?

    This new generation of sport gurus, science based folk got lucky as their success coincided with great advances by British and Irish cyclists fired by simple determination and hard work. When you're in a scary high class race, interval training, diet, strength training, pyscho bullshit goes out the window. What makes you win are the killer instinct and thousands of back-breaking drudgery (recognise the quote from the Daily Telegraph re Vin Denson winning the Vaux Grand Prix 1968 anyone?) miles on the road.

    Fausto Coppi (he amazing Italian champ from way back when, my dad was a guard at his prison camp in Italy where the authorities let him go out training every day with his brother) said there were only three ways to train to win races – 1,ride the bike, 2, ride the bike, 3,ride the bike.

    Quote Brian Robinson, the great Yorkshire pioneer of British professional cycling on the continent in the late '50's and early '60's, winner of 2 Tour stages, one by 22 minutes, now listen here you fans of intensive sessions, rip off power meters, dieticians, etc.



    Sorry, someone is taking me back to my cell now………..

    9 Pints.

  14. Michele Girolami Michele Girolami

    Usually important events fall between March -and August, I expected to see most of the wins in such period instead of according to the pattern shown by prof. Louis. Am I wrong?


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