Sailing from Puerto Rico to Culebra with Two Gorgeous Girls- Sailing Doodles episode 23


Sailing from Puerto Rico to Culebra with Two Gorgeous Girls- Sailing Doodles episode 23


  1. floggerSG floggerSG

    King fish

  2. Penney's Automotive Service Center inc. Penney's Automotive Service Center inc.

    Hey a quick boat gear question here. How do you like those flexible solar panels? What size are they and where did you get them?

  3. Blu Blu

    dude, if you got a stroke, you might want to lay off the spam and alcohol.

  4. Bill Bernard Bill Bernard

    Ok, ya got me.
    Great videos guys.

  5. Evening Buzz Evening Buzz

    I cannot even tell that Megan has a mustache.

  6. Kick Face Kick Face

    Ahh yes, click bait videos

  7. Kenn Chan Kenn Chan

    ❤️ your videos! ⛵️

  8. Arup Gupta Arup Gupta

    Friend Zone ???

  9. Tim Bucktooth Tim Bucktooth

    I hope you got some sweet FMF action.

  10. Robert Copenhaver Robert Copenhaver

    Just subscribed recently and have been binge watching. The drone footage is awesome!! You guys are inspiring me to do the same thing!!

  11. corey seals corey seals

    I had a question…. was it hard to get started in sailing like this? did you have someone to help you out.

  12. david carter david carter

    got some good old south africa on the boat should be braaing in no time from david in cape town

  13. Daniel Clint Daniel Clint

    You make your videos anyway that you like. Do not listen to the idiots, which I'm sure you will not.

  14. Ken Pole Ken Pole

    Please don't toss anything (whisky cap seal) overboard. There's enough crap in and on the water.

  15. MrAlwaysright1980 MrAlwaysright1980

    Two chicks on the boat you must've had some fun with them on those lonely nights!! You dirty ol sea dog

  16. MrAlwaysright1980 MrAlwaysright1980

    Bobby how can you survive on the boat all that without boning Megan??

  17. Lowry Shank Lowry Shank

    Pretty special throwing the plastic from the whiskey cap in the water !

  18. onthebeaches1 onthebeaches1

    Great job on the drone footage and everything else. I'd love to see more about your navigation skills and rigging the sails as you travel the seas when you actually get some wind. (wink wink) Show us your nav screen and equipment you use at the helm. This will help people who want to sail learn a little bit about how to actually sail. Also HF radio, VHF and how do you stay in contact! DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!!! Peace out

  19. J. McCain J. McCain

    just lurking… any way, have fun life is too damned short 🙂


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