Safety Precautions Necessary During Archery

Archery is very fascinating activity and is enjoyed all over America; it is safe to say that it is the oldest activity in which man has indulged himself for a longtime. In the beginning, man made very simple bows and arrows with the branches of trees, and with the passage of time and technological advancements, bows and arrows have become very effective, sophisticated and lethal. Nowadays different companies are using different materials in the manufacturing of bows.

People of every age and gender enjoy the sport of archery, and bows are designed differently for every age group and gender. Archery can turn into a painful disaster if proper safety precautions are not observed. It involves bows and arrows; therefore it is a slightly dangerous activity and can cause injuries in case of carelessness. To avoid any contingencies while enjoying this fascinating activity, following safety measures are mandatory to consider for everyone:


* The best way to avoid any contingency is to be proactive. Most accidents occur while practicing archery are due to equipment malfunctioning or carelessness of the archer. Check your equipments twice before hunting, keep your bow waxed and dry all the time and always examine the ends of the bows for good condition and moisture; to avoid any nicks and moisture, hold your bow above the ground.
* Bowstring is of critical importance, check the bowstring regularly and make sure that it is properly waxed and undamaged.
* Always check that the nocking point is in the accurate position.
* Regularly check the arrow nocks and points condition.
* Make sure that the arrow shafts are straight; in case you have wooden arrows then double check them for cracks.


Considering the safety gear is very important in archery, as it helps in minimizing the chances of injuries in case of any accident. Always put on safety gear before going into the field for archery. Consider the following safety gear while doing archery:

* ARM GUARD: Use of arm guard is necessary in archery as it prevents any injury above the wrist. After proper shooting of arrow; the bow's string hit the forearm and can cause injuries.
* FINGERS GUARD: Wear a finger guard to protect the three fingers of the shooting hand used to draw the bowstring. Before the tips of your fingers become tender and sore, apply Tincture of Benzoin, which toughens the skin. Beginners should be particularly careful to proceed slowly and stop shooting for the day when the fingers become tender.
* KNEE PAD: While hunting, you are likely to injure your knee if you stumble from rock or any other thing, so to protect yourself from getting injured, always wear a knee pad whenever you go for hunting.
By following these simple safety measures, you can minimize the chances of accidents in the adventurous activity of archery. Primos makes some of the best archery equipments whereas if you are looking for latest designs then Bear archery, Martin archery and Mathews archery are the best brands. Enjoy this activity and be safe.

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