Running Tips – Treadmill Running

There are many times when runners may want to run on a treadmill. You may be out of town in an area that you are unsure of – or it may be unsafe to run in. The weather outside may make running indoors more safe. Or, you may be recovering from an injury and want to run easy on a softer surface. Whatever your reason is, here are some tips for when you need to use the treadmill.

Just as running outdoors, you want to make sure that you are warming up and cooling down. Before you start running harder, it’s still important to warm up those leg muscles. Also, when you are finished running, you don’t want to jump off the treadmill. If you’ve been doing a hard workout, your heart will be elevated and you don’t want to just stop. So, do some slower running or walking to cool down.

It’s important to stay hydrated anytime you are running – but it’s even more important running indoors. You’ll find that you are probably sweating more since there is no wind to cool you down. Also, it may be warmer inside than outside. Most treadmills have a spot for a water bottle to make it easy to take in water on the run. If not, make sure that you have water close by.

Make sure that you are maintaining good running form. Many runners want to lean forward – you want to stay straight as if you were running outside. Also, do no hold onto the rails on the treadmill when you run. You want to keep your arms swinging normally. The handrails are only there for safety reasons and for getting on and off the treadmill.

Running on a treadmill can be a little tedious if you are used to running outdoors. Place your treadmill near a television so that you can watch something as you are running. Believe me; it can get old just looking at a wall for 30 minutes or more. Many treadmills now come with a CD player which also helps. Music or a television will make your treadmill time go much faster.

There are many times when running on a treadmill is the smart thing to do. It may be icy outdoors or below 0, you may be in an area that you don’t feel comfortable running in – whatever your reason, the treadmill can save a workout. Instead of not running, you can simply move your run indoors and to safety.

Running is a simple sport – but there are also many things that you need to know and be aware of. Sign up for my Free weekly newsletter at Runner For Life for advice to stay out on the roads and keep running for life.

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