Rome in a nutshell city guide for first-time visitors

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  1. Martin Kent Martin Kent

    In Rome, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children and many of these parent are civil servants. Youth in Italy deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future actually depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Rome!!

  2. Martin Kent Martin Kent

    A Roma, molti dei genitori ignora le legge del traffic e molti di questi genitori sono dipendenti pubblici. Gioventu in Italia meritano rispettosi della legge, etiche e coscienziosi funzion ari loro futuro in realta dipende da esso. Raddoppiamo multe per il traffic in citta capitali e attesa da tempo di orologio, adulti erispettosi della legge strade compaiono a Roma!!

  3. RiccoCapri2 RiccoCapri2

    I've been to Rome several times for at least a week each time and still find there's a lifetime of things still to see. Rome is the most fascinating city in the world! If you get the chance to go, don't pass it by, grab it and I bet you'll want to go again and again! Enjoy Rome, enjoy Italy and remember – be nice to the people there and they most surely will reciprocate the same to you. ciao!

  4. DjIceCnS DjIceCnS

    This was the greatest Video I'ver ever seen. Well Done Mister

  5. DjIceCnS DjIceCnS

    7:00 We don't give tips, because we are Jews, and we don't believe in that.

    Greetings from Israel


    i am an African, the more i have learnt about the Roman Empire the more i have wanted to visit Rome, The Engineering and Mathematics behind the Colosseum damn!!!

  7. sarsafaty sarsafaty

    Can't wait!

  8. Matt Bewers Matt Bewers

    This is a great guide, I wanna go to see Rome now!

  9. avi slutsky avi slutsky

    so I didn't get the location where to stay in rome what's the best location

  10. Travel 360 Travel 360

    That's cool!

  11. Saint Louis Saint Louis

    Behind the glory of ancient Rome, that it projects to this day, is a gruesome history of killings and slavery. Descendants of peoples of countries enslaved those years should be able to see them for free, not to remind them of dark history, but to see the great achievements their forefathers have done for Rome.

  12. Hicham Teamia Hicham Teamia

    bella roma

  13. Madjid Vizuet Madjid Vizuet

    I'm going to Rome in March, this was very helpful and informative grazie 😄

  14. EJBTravels EJBTravels

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful, inspired, and inspiring video! It brings back and reinforces great memories of my first solo spring break in the city:)

  15. Agatha Agatha

    Anybody could please tell me where 9:05 place is? Thank You!

  16. Chintan Desai Chintan Desai

    I love ROME. Thanks for this info.

  17. Goku Goku

    Odio quando gli americani vengono a Roma. Noi di solito fare scherzi su di loro.

  18. joolsner joolsner

    Just come back from a trip to Rome, awe inspiring city. But dirty and many pickpockets.

  19. Tristan Voros Tristan Voros

    I made a very structured and informative video on travelling Rome on my channel. Check it out if you need in depth info


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