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Although this award-winning restaurant is not in the heart of the city, excellent cuisine and a welcoming Italian restaurant make the trip to Oadby worthwhile. The Cheikhos restaurant in Leicester is a family-run business that has been a delightful resident and tourist for the past 20 years and has won numerous awards for its outstanding customer service. The relaxing interior is the perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous lunch, intimate dinner or a festive family celebration. The warm and welcoming staff are always on hand to offer special visits and can help guide the diners with a sumptuous wine list with hearty dishes.

Fresh seasonal ingredients are at the heart of the Cheikhos menu, and their simple tradition of traditional Italian cuisine means that natural flavours are the star of the show. Appetizers include gamberetti grosso, prawns with garlic butter, lemon juice and fresh cumin, moules marinere and indulgent Mediterranean seafood salad with salmon, mussels and shrimp on seasonal leaf beds, and classic pasta sauce material. Many of Leicester's Italian restaurants offer wonderful fresh seafood, but if it's not you, try fresh Italian toast, avocado and chicken salad, or rich earthy mushrooms made with garlic, white wine and cumin. A little cream. For those who like decadent, you can choose a refreshing, fragrant melon porridge, a fruit-filled melon crown, and a sullen champagne.

As you would expect in a classic Italian restaurant, there are a variety of meat dishes to follow the delicious appetizers! Chicken lovers will have a hard time being disliked by the radish, which is the highest quality of chicken, burned in the Grande Marnier, and finally pink pepper and orange cream sauce. Of course there are classic dishes such as pollo caccatura, plump, juicy chicken stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in Parma ham, served with mushrooms and cereal mustard. Pork Calvados is highly recommended and comes with pork slices, almonds wrapped in delicious Parma ham, served with baked apples and Calvados sauce.

What really makes the Cheikhos Italian restaurant unique is the family connection, which is reflected in the carefully designed menu. Like many restaurants in Leicester, people have been thinking about an iconic dish, and in the case of Cheikhos, it was inspired by his beloved daughter. The delightful Yasmine Arabella is sliced ​​and sliced ​​with beef, served with Mozzarella cheese and juicy prawns, then wrapped in Parma ham. Paired with French mustard and Courvoisier, add scrambled mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes, and the entire menu features a unique Chateau Talbot wine and cream sauce. This dish is an absolute victory, proving the skill of the chef.

There are so many dishes to choose from on the menu, and guests can forgive the pasta! However, there is a range of classic pastas that guarantee a tempting taste bud.馄饨di carne is a real cuisine with a delicate egg pasta wrap filled with meringue and garlic, served with dark, delicious tomato and black olive sauce. Vegetarians are also great for use in the Cheikhos restaurant, such as feuille de brik, light and thin filo pastries with zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and dried tomatoes, as well as a little parmesan and lime juice. Those who want snacks can be stuffed into ricotta with light potato dumplings, urinal sauce, ricotta sauce and spicy ratatouille and spicy sauce. The regularly changing set menu offers diners an extra option, but there is no doubt that if you want to taste authentic Italian cuisine, then Cheikhos restaurant in Leicester is the best choice for you!

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