Reviewing the Storm – William Shakespeare

My fear of reading Shakespeare often comes from the false belief that his books are mainly for literary scholars, and that ordinary readers contain very little content. But when I read it from

storm from

 For the first time since school, I realized Shakespeare’s generosity and selflessness.

Although the scholar can easily appreciate all the hidden treasures in the story, Shakespeare's books are written for everyone, including casual readers. Although I was reading at first from

storm from

 In order to kill time, I was surprised to find that the story tells about my life and experience.

The protagonist of this story is from

Prospero from

 . He was the legal duke of Milan until his "Duke of Milan". from

treachery from

 ' Brother Antonio, working with his allies and the surviving enemies of Prospero from

King of Alonso, Naples from

 , overthrew him.

Prospero and his daughter Miranda were kidnapped and in a ' from

Rotten corpse' from

 The ship was infected with rats, had no masts, and did not sail at sea. However, their life is because his old loyal MP Gonzalo has provided them with fresh food and water.

He also left a book, and Prospero cherished above his duke, which is also the source of his magical power. Prospero and his daughter eventually came to an island where they spent twelve years.

The story begins with a storm that bombards the ship. from

Antonio from

 [ from

Prospero ' S from

 Brother], from

Alonso from

 [King of Naples], his brother from

Sebastian from

 , his son from

Ferdinand from

 , from

Gonzalo from

 Leave the wedding of the king's daughter with others from


This is the moment when all the conspirators are about to fail. from

Prospero from

 Because their ship was trapped repeatedly by lightning. Prospero used his spiritual assistant to use his magical power to incite the storm. from

Ariel from

 . The latter ensures that everyone is safely landed on the island.

Ferdinand from

 [King's son] is isolated from others, found by Prospero, his father likes him and introduces him to his daughter. Two young people gradually fell in love. Prospero uses his magical spirit, from

Ariel from

 Bring the rest of the party from the shipwreck to him. He showed himself to the king and called on him not to be afraid.

He also invited the king, his mortal enemy, to spend the night in his cell, and then told him the story of his 12 years in exile. With ' from

The deceiver pardoned #39; from

 Prospero eventually restored his realm, and his daughter Miranda was engaged to the son of the king.

After reading this book, I feel that I feel that there are some aspects that are undoubtedly due to the genius of the writer, which I cannot understand. This book is called from

comedy from

 . But certainly not from

comedy from

 To Prospero and his daughter, they grew up in the Principality and were exiled for twelve years.

There is a strong contrast between this story and events in several modern countries where coups and imprisonment of opponents are commonplace. The image of conspiracy in the miraculous storms caused by their prisoners has a strong resemblance to the regime, which was destroyed by this chaos until power was returned to the legitimate rulers.

Only the authority of the latter can calm down from

storm from

 . This book strongly tells us that legitimacy has the power that brute force cannot suppress or overcome, and that all other forms of power are funny. Sometimes this is the comedy in the story.

The disturbing spirit is the willingness and quickness of Prospero to forgive the enemy. [ from

Or this is the irony of the writer, and a plot of the duke’s intrigue from

 ? ]

Conceivable from

storm from

 May be a seed from

Ariel Dorfman Death and girl from

 . The country of Dorfman has also been slammed by the political situation. from

storm from

 . Finally, like from

storm from

 There is also a confrontation between the victim and the torturer, and justice will prevail only when forgiveness is its partner.

Prospero’s anger at his imprisonment can only be imagined and can only be seen vaguely through his daughter’s words. from

Ferdinand from

 :' from

Sir, my father’s nature is better than when he spoke. from

 . ' Maybe there is a darkness of the soul, a grumpy daughter thinks she has to explain.

We see this anger from

Paulina from

 At the end from

Death and girl from


' Why do people like me always have to sacrifice why we are always those who have to make concessions when they have to understand something, why do I always have to bite her tongue, and why? & #39;

Another moment of ethereal beauty is from

Ariel, from

 Slave from

, from

 Surprisingly, insiders were released despite their good attention. I don't know what Shakespeare's religious beliefs are, and I don't want to describe anything to him. But he believes that telling readers that freedom is the sacred need of the soul, there is nothing else to satisfy its position.

Due to the limitations of my understanding from

Shakespeare ' S from

 jobs from

, from

 I can't help but feel that the true information of this story is only showing me narrowly. Perhaps this is because of the distant age in which he lives with his ensuing mystery, the writer's genius and his imaginative resources continue to transcend the power of his readers.

Perhaps just as the storm and the island are as fantasizing as the conspirators in the drama, the social politics and other minority themes in the drama are just another demon enchantment that is incredible. from

Ariel from

 That real joke and from

comedy from

 On my body.

However, this is the story I found and the beauty of writing. from

Shakespeare from

 It is he who invites us to almost ridicule us and create meaning for ourselves. Through this powerful story, our understanding and consciousness have been expanded and tested.

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