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Mastering C++ is a book written by KR Venugopal, T Ravishankar and Rajkumar. The book teacher takes the computer language C++ from scratch to professional level and learns other very difficult languages ​​in a very friendly way.

The book was first published in 1997 and is recommended by most programmers. Basically written by C programmers, this book is also suitable for beginners.

My brother suggested that I read this book because I was willing to learn the language but could not do so. When I first saw this book, I thought, "This book is of no use to anyone. This is just another book of engineers, full of technical terms."

After almost two years, I learned the language of C' the book "Let Us C" from Yashwant Kanetkar.

  That book helped me clear the basic concepts of programming and got some technical terminology for the computer, giving me the rest time I needed.

I learned the concept of OOP from the NIIT reference book. After that, I am ready to learn C++ in detail. I started with the first chapter and helped me to be familiar with OOP thinking. The following chapters until Chapter 9 taught me the basics of C++ [non-OOP] and the OOP aspects of 10 to 19 languages. Chapter 20 is based on the management of software projects.

So, after learning, I decided to write some programs and get what I wanted because I could only write console-based programs because standard C++ did not specify platform-independent GUI programming.

Although mastering C++ is good for learning, you can't rely solely on this book to gain language expertise. You should also read professional books in the fields of data structure, network programming, game development, etc. as a reference.

But in terms of language issues, this book can be trusted because it teaches the language and its structure in detail. To be an expert in any field, the base should be firm. This book has completed this work.

I wish you a good luck in the adventure of C++.


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