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The Broken Fountain of Thomas Belmont is a powerful book that greatly demonstrates the struggle and life of the poor. Through the story of the Neapolitan community, it gives a strong sense of urban life. But it goes beyond this. Not just gritty streets and dilapidated buildings. There are more things besides the poor and emotional families. The fundamental theme of humanity, justice and injustice is that readers can't help but be touched.

The images are powerful and make the books lively. Readers can truly understand the feelings in the vicinity. The description of architecture and people attracts the brain and brightens the human world. Whether on the street or at home, readers feel that they have some experience in this awkward world, even if they are too far away from it. The environment in Naples will not distract. It does not let us just look at Italy, but the whole world. People can apply this hardship and affection throughout the human world.

His depiction of the people is unique and moving. He not only treats them as poor people, but also gives us a little bit of a glimpse of their lives. He lets the reader live by himself and experience the experience in this story. From stealing and ill-treatment to pain and sorrow and abundant fear, he has captured this environment so intricately in roles and creatures that readers are so fond of that they almost become a role.

The insight and depth provided by the author is an important part of the book's achievements. The willingness to open the soul and become one with the story makes the audience feel that they know this person and they have a better understanding of this life and story. Emotions, actions, and unexplained things all connect all together and bring words into life. There are many topics on this topic, and there are many topics to follow. It is not only a book about the poor, but also a book about family and friends, about the economy and civilization, about social structures and conditions, about Italy and, above all, about humanity.

By reading this, you can clearly see how it becomes a classic of anthropological and sociological research. As a classic story of human survival and endurance, the broken fountain transcends literary works and transcends human depth in spirit and body. Not only do we have a deeper understanding of the author and the communities it brings, but we also let the audience know about ourselves. Through this, they analyzed their own lives, but were touched by the pure people shown in a book.

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