Read your child to stimulate language development

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One of the best activities you can do with your child to encourage language acquisition is to read together. When I was two or three months old, I started reading for my children. The first book we read was a bright and colorful book with only one word or short sentence per page. We quickly entered books on nursery rhymes and books, which are illustration songs. Although my baby didn't understand the words at first, they liked bright pictures, rhythms of words, rhymes and songs, and hugs with moms. Story time has become a part of our day's cherished.

Most parents know that it is very important to read to their children. But do you know that reading this book directly from start to finish is not always the best way to motivate your child's language skills? Studies have shown that when children are more actively involved in reading, their vocabulary, comprehension and verbal ability are greatly improved. Here are some ways to read a new book:

1. Point to the picture and name it. Have your child name the picture. Action words and adjectives can also be marked. You can ask, "Can you find a tall animal?" Egypt "What is this girl doing?"

2. After reading the page, ask questions about the story. The simplest question is the factual… "Who said…?" "What happened…?" What is more difficult is the "why" question.

3. Q: "What do you think will happen next?"

4. Have your child repeat the story [narration] after reading.

5. Have your child tell you the story by looking at the picture. Or you have two alternating pages that make up a story with the picture.

6. Occasionally interrupt reading to comment on a story or to set or explain a concept or define a word.

7. Expressively read!

Rhymes and songs are very helpful for language development – even if you can't carry it with you!

The most important thing is to continue reading fun! Use these suggestions to enhance your story time instead of turning it into a course. Enjoy spending time with your child. It is always one of the best ways for me to spend time with my children when I am on the sofa and reading together.

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