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From my teens, through my benevolent father, I am already familiar with Reader's Digest, Asian Edition. Dad bought those versions occasionally, and after they finished these versions, I took the liberty to read them. For me, "focusing on thinking" and "drama in real life" are enlightened for me. In the dark moments, I realized the value of my life and re-read them, making me feel positive and happy again.

About the magazine:

Reader's Digest, the Asian edition is a popular magazine. In particular, it now has more lively categories than before, such as “Being Good to Strangers”, “Smart Animals”, “Technology” and “Books and Movies”. As before, cover stories, real-life drama, self-help and health are very helpful, tempting and beneficial to all of us. "Laughter, the best medicine", "the kind of life" and "a day job" are equally interesting, humorous and appealing. More importantly, we can contribute anecdotes, jokes and stories based on our different categories of life. If editors like to post in magazines, then we have the opportunity to get paid between $50 and $250 depending on the category. I may one day contribute my own story to this wonderful magazine. If it is selected for publication, I will definitely be on the moon.

About editing:

The editors of this refurbished magazine and their team work hard at the Singapore headquarters to make it rich in content, quality, and strive to be accurate in terms of information, format, and sentence structure. Thumbs up!! I am very grateful for their work and the choices they have chosen. These are commendable. Although I have been addicted to self-help books and programs for a while, I have turned my attention back to good old magazines. I found that there are more varieties, more interesting, and a lot worth learning.

Reviewer's suggestion:

I would recommend that Asian readers read a copy of Reader's Digest from time to time and read it carefully. Not only will you be relaxed and happy, but you will also seize the interesting principles of life. For readers and others in the US and Europe, readers' abstracts are likely to be sold at your local bookstore, but I can't recommend what they would be because I haven't seen versions of these regions. Most likely they rock like the Asian version. So it's worth a try; buy a copy of the month and see for yourself if you like it. They are likely to be your pet magazine!

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