Private golf between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods!

What happened when Jack "Golden Bear" Nicklaus challenged the up-and-coming Tiger Woods in 1997 to participate in a private golf tournament?

Writer Colin Koenig explores this excellence in his new book "Major Wager: The Pure Round of Golf Jack Challenge Tiger To."

These two people entered the golf course very early, a hot, humid morning in the late 1990s. They didn't tell anyone about their round, not even their family. They are alone. No camera, no crowd, no fan. Only two people play a round of golf. But it has become more.

Nicklaus wondered if the Tiger could beat his 18 major victories. This child is very good but very young. Tiger is happy to play with such a golf prodigy and wonder how he will play this round.

Through a witty conversation, the heart looks at the character. With this in mind, Koenig brought the two people to life on the page: "Jack would rather beat the young Mr. Woods than rely on the tiger to mess up. Golf is no different from any other sport in this area: the best Defence is a good offense."

Deprived their entourage, with their own golf clubs, and they suddenly had only two people playing golf: "Jack and Tiger decided to sit on the split wooden bench provided on the tee. Cigarette. Tiger Up and down, up and down, bouncing his ball from the face of his driver."

Koenig took the 18-hole golf ball throughout the book. He answered the questions most golf fans want to know:

  What are they talking about?

  What happened to them when they played?

  Can two great professional players really keep this game secret?

I really appreciate the excellent results of this book and what Koenig thinks the characters think when they play. He brought a real human element to two people, and we have only seen the public. I do think that this book can use a round of editing to solve some typos that distract me. I also want to see the author's striker, explain what the story is about, and what he has to do to study golf.

In general, I believe this story is a good reading for golf fans and other sports enthusiasts who want to know what happens if two great men play in the field of their choice.

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