Pharmacy and its research scope in West Bengal

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Simply put, Pharmacy is the science of making drugs and assigning them to patients to meet treatment needs. This is a branch of research that provides students with a potential life-changing career because it not only helps people who are healthy and healthy to stay healthy, but also provides opportunities for people with serious illnesses to recover. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is currently ranked fourth in the global pharmaceutical market, with a value of 13th, and exports are $2.6 billion less than domestic sales, exceeding $4 million. [According to statistics from the Indian Pharmaceutical Council]. In addition, the World Health Organization estimates that between 2016 and 2019, global drug spending will increase significantly – from $300 billion a year to $400 billion a year.

Therefore, in such a growing era, the industry will need huge human resources to understand the latest science and technology of quality control personnel, drug inspectors and hospital drug controllers in various government and private hospitals in the workplace of manufacturers. Scientists can even greatly promote the development of the public health care sector in research and innovation, retailers, teachers, etc. This is something that every government is interested in.

For such a branch of study, the foundation course begins with a 2-year full-time pharmacy diploma [D. Pharm] or a 4-year full-time pharmacy [B. Pharm] course, which includes extensive scientific discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. a crucial subject. At the Brainware University in West Bengal, some of the points of interest in the syllabus will be human anatomy and physiology research courses such as pharmaceutical organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical computer applications, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmacology, pharmacology. , laws and regulations governing the enforcement of laws, regulations and regulations in the field of phytochemistry and pharmaceutical law. Biostatistics, social and preventive pharmacy, drug marketing, and computer-aided drug design are some of the other research topics in the graduate program. After graduation, if they want to continue their studies in this field, students will definitely get a range of master's and doctoral programs, as well as an MBA in health care management.

In Bangladesh, a trusted name to search for D. Pharm in Kolkata and B. Pharm in Kolkata may be at The Brainware University in Barasat, near Kolkata. With the latest infrastructure, extremely organized management, a strong faculty foundation, outstanding students – teachers – industry interactions and a large and clean green campus, the university has performed exceptionally well in all areas of education, including pharmaceutical science. Students should join this new era of institutions and hope to gain an edge in the healthcare sector in the future, which will flourish in India in the near future.

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