Personality change after a heart attack

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Sometimes people forget that a heart attack is a very important thing. It can usually be caused by a heart attack, but it can also be the result of a surgical error or blood loss, such as after an accident.

The whole society knows nothing about heart problems, even though the heart problem is the biggest single killer in the UK; we all accept the myth that you have attacked, you recover, you return to work, life is as usual.

For some uncertain situations, although part of the heart effectively dies from a part of heart disease, it makes life less likely to be as vibrant as before.

  However, many others find that attacks can positively change their lives; they may get better or worse, but life may look very different.


  Many people who have experienced a heart attack feel anxious, at least to some extent; this is natural. This person is afraid that they will have another person, and this person may be the last one, the last one. This is usually accompanied by depression

Post-traumatic stress disorder:

  Approximately 34% of heart attack victims continue to develop at least some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. That is one third!


  Many people with heart attacks worry more than just recurrence, but they are always worried about life. Can they work or will they go back to work and find it too much? Will their love life be attacked? Will their relationship survive? All these concerns are above anxiety, so there is tremendous pressure and worry.

The impact on personality:

  Given that people are under such tremendous pressure, it is perfectly normal for the character of a heart attack survivor to be affected; in fact, it is not very strange!


  Many people think that their loved ones become impatient after a heart attack. It's almost like the survivors' feet are so precious that they don't have time to waste anything, so everything needs to be done immediately.

Ill temper:

  Impatient can also be developed in such a way that people have very short fuses. The partner of a heart attack survivor may be difficult to accept. Their former gentle partner is now a raging bull because his temper is very bad.

Unwilling to take action

  Sometimes, the partner of a heart attack victim finds that their partner has become very dependent on “doing” to do so. s things. They won't take part in work, exercise or do what they should do to try and help with recovery. This may be related to depression, it may be a feeling, what is the meaning, will I die? '

Fear of social activities:

  People with frequent heart attacks are afraid of social activities because they are afraid of another attack and then they will be stared or focused. Instead, they avoid social activities, which can lead to social isolation.


  If you know a loved one who has had a heart attack, try to realize that it affects their personality and causes their personality to change. You may also need some patience, but awareness can help, and these changes can usually be temporary. So this is not your imagination; personality changes really happen after a heart attack!

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