Panchakarma – The ancient detox art of Ayurveda

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Detoxification is an important aspect of promoting and ensuring overall health. In fact, it has been practiced for centuries. In India, detoxification is carried out as Panchakarma, a purification system that means “five treatments”: Vamana, Nasya, Virechana, Ratamoskhana and Basti. Vamana removes Kapha toxins found in the respiratory system as well as other body toxins that cause skin diseases, obesity, allergies and asthma. Panchakarma's main goal is to eliminate body detoxification to eliminate all impurities that may accumulate over time. It is believed that a healthy body that removes toxins will make people happy and able to make correct judgments. Regular detoxification also ensures that all organs work well.

Many of the factors in today's modern and fast-paced lifestyle make it harder for our bodies to fully digest our food, feel our emotions, and enjoy leisure activities. As a result, the body accumulates toxins stored in the tissue and causes discomfort, low energy levels and other stress indicators. Panchakarma can get rid of these toxins in your system and make you feel better.

According to the Ayurvedic text, the best time to seek treatment for Panchakarma is spring and autumn, but it can be done at any time. Regular Panchakarma treatment can create a miracle for your overall health.

Kerala Panchakarma is managed through two sets of therapies, namely, Footing and Oleation. The former uses a therapy that allows you to sweat, while the latter requires special oils on the body. The following basic Ayurvedic therapies are available:

1. Herbal Steam Hot Pack – Here, it is recommended that you sit in a steam room with herbal steam, which will rejuvenate your body, relieve stress and eliminate toxins.


2. Shirodhara – This therapy involves pouring warm oil from the forehead from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


3. Abhyanga – This is a full body massage with a special medicinal oil. Massage can be concentrated in certain parts of the body, such as the arms, head and joints.


4. Pizhichil – Medicinal oils are used in conjunction with gentle body action to help relieve tension, promote calm and relax muscles.


5. Potli – This massage uses a special herbal bag. They are heated in oil before being applied to the body by massage to help relieve stress, nourish the body and relieve pain.

To take full advantage of Panchakarma treatment, consider thoroughly adjusting and staying alert from the world. Avoid using TV, radio, internet, social media to avoid further stress and avoid reading books. Instead, use your free time to reflect on your life and the events in your life, and let your own stories inspire and entertain you.

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