Overcoming belly dance is shy

2019-04-30 Sports No comment

Many of us are aware that we bring part of our behavior, growth experiences and childhood memories into adulthood. As adults, we learn to control our behavior or hide behind the mask. But in fact, before the correction, shame always exists. Belly dance is an interesting remedy to overcome shyness.

The reason for collecting knowledge and understanding some of our emotional deficiencies is to correct the express train.

Let's take some time to review our childhood and see if we have brought our shame into adulthood.

Do you remember that one or both parents completed your sentence each time they spoke? This is often done with me and has a communication problem with others. Whenever a person speaks and is interrupted before completing the judgment, it can be stupid, neglected, or anything important or related that you have to say. So you stop talking to people and return to your private world. "Why do you bother, they won't listen to me…

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