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What is an outdoor life coach?

First of all, I think there may be some clarification about the exact meaning of outdoor life guidance. Although I am often happy to tell people what it does on tin – it is a life guide that is carried out outside – but this is not always useful. There are many articles to discuss life coaching and its benefits; my basic premise is that as a coach, I can help you express your life, whether at work or in a "social" environment. This may be to help you overcome obstacles, make you more effective in your existing life, or support you by setting and ultimately realizing existing or new goals.

Many life coaches tend to be in a therapeutic style environment in an office, conference room or similar venue, where conversations can take place and the coach can take notes. If the subject is primarily a life outside of work, then if it is purely work-related or easier, then it may be very business-like.

Outdoor coaches are clearly not subject to these limitations, but can produce results that are at least as good as those seen by people operating indoors. However, there are other benefits to the other benefits of outdoor coaching.


Although the “outdoor” label accurately describes the location, the activities involved are not mentioned. In general, outdoor coaches are not just sitting in the fresh air; it usually involves walking [or other forms of travel] and talking.

This is obviously suitable for those who are prepared for an active life. Other people who tend to sit still will benefit. Some people who rarely venture outdoors want to worry. However, even the largest couch potatoes can organize a walker that fits their fitness level.

The benefit of the activity is obviously that it can provide some form of exercise. Since you need enough voice to speak, it is obviously not a very high level. More importantly, it can move both sides. For those who sit in the room and talk unnaturally, walking can be the answer. Because you are already physically occupied, the fewer opportunities or requests to find other disturbances will quickly become the focus of all your attention indoors. Your brain has been fully utilized, it does not require further stimulation, but usually you are overactive.

Another advantage is that you no longer feel pressure to find the answer. Indoors, there is no choice but to answer the current question, it may be a bit ' pressure' – the scene feels very easy. However, there is always a walk that can be relied on outside. Have time to walk simply, and the answer will quickly get you the answer. When one of you thinks, walking in a short silence is not embarrassing, and in a room, it becomes a bit intense.


Meeting in a small room seems to be confrontational. In fact, this is stupid because both sides are there for the benefit of the person being coached. However, sometimes when a difficult question is asked about the coach sitting there looking for an answer, the coach will feel that they are being observed, evaluated or something else. This does not exist at any similar degree due to the side-by-side nature of walking and speaking. It's easier to catch your coach's eyes, so the coach can feel a greater degree of comfort.

Although this is good for coaches, there is a clear disadvantage for coaches – if you are more likely to be freed from difficult problems, then it is difficult for coaches to push you to answer or do something. If you want to avoid answering, although it tells me, either you don't believe your coach is enough to answer, or you haven't made enough improvements. There is no gain without a certain degree of pain, which indicates that some of the problems you need to deal with require some soul search. In short, although you don't want to be stressed, you should give the coach a chance to use the tool to help you.


How often do we live somewhere and never really understand or take advantage of all the opportunities in our area? By walking we suddenly have time to look at the actual situation around us. There is no need to focus on driving. We can notice what has always existed.

If you choose to go further, unless you choose an industrial wasteland, you can enjoy the beauty of other places. Scotland has a lot to be proud of; places of peace let us deal with our thoughts and are inspired by their beauty.


Outdoor life guidance is different from normal. For some of us, we are easily bored, and the idea of ​​doing something new is very attractive. In addition, there are tools that outdoor trainers can use that cannot be tried indoors. There are many simple but tangible metaphors that can be used outside to help people deal with them in different ways. While this may be especially useful for people who deal with things kinetically, doing something that the brain didn't anticipate can produce good results.

At last

Although you can enjoy the many benefits of life in life guidance, you will get more rewards in outdoor activities. Although "seeing believing" is for many people, in this case it may be "doing is understanding", you need to go out and try to really change.

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