On-site psychology books – are they sitting one-on-one?

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When I do a live mind reading, I can use unassisted insight or use a range of divination methods. I have several ways to provide on-the-spot reading, and I will explain the various methods in this article. If you have any questions about on-the-spot reading, then after reading this article, you should have no doubt that mind reading is as good as sitting.

Live mind reading, such as chat and text messaging, can be connected in a variety of ways over the phone or the Internet. When I am on the spot, if I sit in front of me, I can give the same quality reading. I can even use a variety of divination tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, pendulums, crystal balls, and I can work from photos.

A typical scenario is someone who comes to a chat service for interactive live mind reading. I will start reading by introducing my services and ask if they are willing to use some divination tools. If they ask for tarot reading, I can use them in several ways. One way is that I will tell them that I will start shuffling and ask them to tell me when to stop. Then they will instruct me to stop and I will deal with the cards from the deck in the same way if they sit in front of me personally.

Then I will pay attention to reading while reading. At various stages of the reading process, I may want them to see the cards so that they can understand the pictures on the cards. I have an image of the card on my computer and I will paste it through the chat system. This is something that they often find very useful, it brings the vitality of reading.

In some cases, the caller is looking for a simple yes or no answer to a particular situation. I will use dowsing as a means of adjusting their situation, and my pendulum has proven to be very reliable. I also teach others how to use the pendulum and even how to make the pendulum, which is especially useful for people who have lost their belongings.

The most amazing medium-reading thing I did in the live mind reading was when a woman's husband came over and described the woman's appearance. This lady is very fascinated by this, this is absolute evidence, because I can not see her look. Ironically, the man was blind when he was still alive, and he wanted to understand that he had healed on the other hand.

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