Oil Pull – The best Ayurvedic treatment for oral health and detoxification

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In the Ayurvedic treatment text, the oil is called Gandusha or Kavala Graha. This process is thought to expel toxins or Ama and also enhances the immunity and health of the mouth.

Gandusha and Kavala Graha are the two main sputum techniques proposed in the Ayurvedic oral care treatment. In Gandusha, the mouth and mouth are completely filled with fluid and then released after a period of time. In Kavala Graha, the appropriate amount of liquid is retained in the mouth for about 3 minutes and then rinsed.

Gandusha or Gargles

Ayurveda recommends mouthwash oil, herbs and warm water. Fill the mouth with oil so that it cannot move in the mouth. Sesame seed oil, coconut oil and ghee are traditionally used in oil-immersed Ayurvedic therapy. This process of Gandusha is believed to avoid lip and mouth dryness, sore throat and dental disease.

There are four main types – Sneha, Shamana, Shodhana and Ropana.

How to perform Gandusha and Kavala?

Ayurveda recommends that you need a gentle massage of your forehead before you start pulling oil. In addition, during the operation, the mouth needs to be kept up, and no liquid, herbal decoction or oil should be ingested during this process. This can be done by placing a spoonful of oil in the mouth and squeezing the oil around the mouth for about 10-15 minutes, holding it there and spitting it out.

How long does it take to pull oil?

Ayurveda suggests that mouthwashes or decoctions for oil extraction in the form of Gandusha or Kavala need to be kept in the mouth as long as the saliva tends to fill the mouth to the edges and mix into the herbal decoction. Until the eyes and nose are watered, the taste of the decoction [bitter taste] seems to be overcome by saliva or Kapha formation. It is usually recommended to repeat three, five or seven times.

Various types of Ayurvedic treatment of oral health oil

• When using til taila or sesame oil, the procedure is considered to be very beneficial to the general natural health of the individual.

• Sometimes when the mouth or tongue has a burning sensation due to burns or bruises in the mouth, mix with butter or gandusha in milk. It is believed that this will leave a soothing and calming effect on the mouth.

• The procedure is performed using a paste made of ground sesame in the dental condition of tooth pain, fragile and sensitive teeth, and other Vata conditions of the teeth and gums. Although in this case, the mouthwash being used needs to be heated before use.

• Ayurveda also recommends honey-based Gandusa essential oil to thoroughly cleanse and heal the mouth.

• Chinese characters, a fermented drink that can be used to reduce stench and mouth aversion.

The benefits of pulling oil

For the prevention and treatment of dental and gum disease, such as sensitive teeth, cavities, bleeding gums, excessive salivation, anorexia, bad breath, oral astringency, gingivitis and dry lips, it is strongly recommended to use Ayurvedic oil for tension treatment. mouth. These Ayurvedic therapies for oral health show that this process improves the overall health of the mouth and the whole body. This helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth and prevents bacterial growth. These Ayurvedic health care programs also help reduce fungal growth and provide thorough cleaning and detoxification of the mouth. This is mainly helpful in strengthening the teeth and gums and jaws when pumping regularly.

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