Novice Obedience Class

Novice Obedience Class
Event on 2017-03-13 18:00:00
NOVICE OBEDIENCE  - (1 hour class for 6 weeks) This class is for the owner who wants a very well behaved pet, or has interest in showing in obedience trials. You’ll learn how to proof your dog for a steady performance, proper ring etiquette, how to fill out a dog show entry, and how to sharpen your dog’s skills. Dogs will also be introduced to off lead heeling. Advanced must be completed before entering this class. Dog/handler teams that have perfected the skills taught in Novice class should be able to enter the "Novice Class" at obedience trials and earn the AKC CD (Companion Dog) title.      

at Forest City Dog Training Club, Inc
6203 Material Ave
Loves Park, United States



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