Ninja training self hypnosis

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Self-hypnosis in ninja training can be very useful and is actually the reason for most of the calmness that ninjas have.

Self-hypnosis is best used when the ninja is in a very stressful and difficult situation. Like the ninja's trademark behavior, even the most powerful coercion, they always show great calmness and accuracy. Many people want to know how this is achieved, and they don't realize that hypnosis is responsible for many times as part of ninja training.

One form of this hypnotism involves trigger words. When the situation becomes dangerous and the pressure is high, the ninja will gently repeat a sentence to himself. This word triggers the necessary determination to calm in response to the immediate situation. Now, this trigger word will be heavily practiced in advance to attach the necessary actions or emotions to a particular word.

You can see how this ninja training method works in the modern world in the face of nervous encounters.

Visualization can be used as another form of hypnotism. To give an example of this, I am referring to the mixed martial arts fighter Luke Cummo.

Not surprisingly, Luke’s nickname in the ring was “silent assassin”, who wore ninja costumes on his way to the ring.

In a match with a professional wrestler, Luke found himself suffocated by opponents on the ground, and his opponents sent out a variety of ground and pound pounds. Any other fighter will be heavily inundated and will soon be eliminated. Luke remained calm, survived, and took it down every time, looking suffocating easily.

He was then asked how he handled the situation that most others would obey in the world. He replied that his opponent has been on him for several weeks: from

In his mind. from

 He basically puts the wrestler in his mind and feels completely natural when the real turn happens.

Self-administered hypnotism creates a miracle for the ninja, and for those who are willing to learn the path of the ninja, it is absolutely possible to have a real-world application.

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