MY HORSE BATHING ROUTINE | EP 1 Horse 101 (NEW Equestrian Series)


  1. xXItz AuroraXx xXItz AuroraXx

    Why is he/she branded?!?!

  2. siobhan laffan siobhan laffan

    i just use human conditioner and the best technique is to comb the conditioner through the tail starting the the base of the tail and work your way up, after washing put it in a tail bag until it drys. results are amazing and the tail is so soft and no knots. if your scard of the hair coming out when combing, starting from the base and working your way up will pull almost no hair out it just take a little while. and cheep argon oil is good as if you want a really soft tail

  3. Sugar Plum Duff Sugar Plum Duff

    after i ride my horse i always wash them down just with water but once a week i alwayswash him

  4. Jasmine Miller Jasmine Miller

    This may seem a little personal but, what do you do for a living, how do you support your horses?

  5. Hannah Hieber Hannah Hieber

    I use cowbot magic

  6. Sofia Luciano Sofia Luciano

    Why did she put gloves on for the next coat of shampoo?

  7. Georgia Grose Georgia Grose

    Dr Show ha amazing products!

  8. janelle colley janelle colley

    main and tail spray works good and they have a shampoo and conditioner

  9. turn_and_burn 4 turn_and_burn 4

    the water does that here in Montana USA also in the summer lol
    and I use main and tail conditioner idk if they have that in Australia but that's what i use

  10. FuZzy Irish potato FuZzy Irish potato

    I use natural shampoo to wash my cute pony coco ( she's a tall pony) it works fine and she has a thin coat of hair so i dont use so much. Please tell me if you have a pony or horse 🐴

  11. Bella_ Gamer150 Bella_ Gamer150

    Do you live in Australia because you have that accent (I live in Tasmania)

  12. Trines Nails Trines Nails

    Please don't use tea! It has small grains and can be painful to get in his eye!

  13. The Everything Channel The Everything Channel

    I use Mane and Tail, and it legit leaves tangles out for DAYS. I washed my horse's tail, and about a week later, IT WAS STILL TANGLE FREE. I don't know if they have it in Australia though.

  14. Histology Tech Histology Tech

    are you scared that your horse will kick you? why do they kick people when behind them?

  15. Barrel_Race4Life 23 Barrel_Race4Life 23

    Cowboy Magic is what I use


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